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Globalstar Roaming Rates

Roaming rates apply when subscribed to one of the “home” calling plans which include the Emergency, Liberty, and Freedom plans.  Roaming rates apply for calls placed outside the Home Service Calling Area which includes (Continental U.S., Canada, Alaska, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands) Roaming rates do not apply to the Traveler plan which include International package minutes.

Now calls (outside) the U.S., Canada or Eastern Caribbean are only a flat rate of $1.39 per minute while traveling in most countries including Mexico. Enjoy the lowest rates in the industry while using the Globalstar satellite phone for virtually every call to and from the US. $1.99 for all other countries including Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Egypt, French Antilles, Guyana, Paraguay, and Suriname. Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru are $3.15 per minute. These are flat rates calling back to the U.S., calls to other countries could incur additional International Long distance charges.

Our Globalstar satellite phones offer new lower long distance rates from the home service area, and no long distance for calls from the U.S., Canada, and Eastern Caribbean to U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Only .26 cents/minute plus airtime for calls to over 140 countries. Subscribers can now call to over 140 countries for only 26 cents/minute plus airtime from the Home Service Area (US and Caribbean). Most additional countries only .39 cents/ minute plus airtime.

    *Under the GSA contract the 50.00 activation fee is waved and the early termination fee is waved.

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