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High Speed HughesNet Satellite Internet Service & Broadband Solutions


We Will Beat Any Advertised HughesNet Rebate Totals. Call us if you see a better deal!

Enjoy the benefits of high speed satellite internet and broadband access from HughesNet.  Eliminate the frustration dealing with a slow dial up connection and start enjoying high speed access. Get internet access where cable, DSL and dial up can't go.

  • Fast connection.. start surfing from your computer    
  • Download files in minutes not hours
  • Enjoy fast video and internet music
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems
  • No longer will you miss phone calls or the need for an extra phone line
  • Get satellite internet where the other services can't go

Pricing & Plan Information


Your service requires a 24-month service commitment and a major credit or debit card to purchase. Early Termination Fees and other conditions apply. Customers with SmartBrowsing enabled plans who exceeded their monthly anytime allowance can still send and receive emails and browse the Internet. Uploading and down loading of larger files, including streaming, will experience reduced speeds.

If you lease the equipment, an additional $9.99 monthly lease fee applies.

Option 1 - Purchase Equipment
Free Standard Installation ($199 value)
Purchase your HughesNet Satellite Internet equipment and own it for life. Your one-time upfront cost covers standard installation and equipment.

$399.98 (Including Installation)

- $100 Mail-in Rebate (Hughesnet)

Low as $299.98 after mail-in rebates
Option 2 - Lease Equipment
Free Standard Installation ($199 value)
Prefer not to own the equipment?
Choose to lease your HughesNet Satellite Internet equipment and reduce your upfront costs.

April Special - Free Installation - & $9.99 per month


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Information on How HughesNet Stacks up to WildBlue

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Globalcom Satellite Communications is proud to offer HughesNet high speed satellite internet service at a great price.

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