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Can You Afford the Monthly Price and Startup Fees of Satellite Internet?

Never think for a moment that satellite Internet is cheap. Unlike other types of Internet connection – broadband, dialup or cable – satellite Internet is available in all forty-eight continental states. They may be even available in Alaska and Hawaii. But such extensive access comes at a high price and it’s up to you to determine whether it’s a price you’re willing and able to pay.

Nowadays, users have the option of leasing the equipment required for satellite Internet rather than purchasing them outright. Either way, however, users stand to pay the total of $300 to $650 for use of equipment. In very limited cases, you may purchase secondhand equipment for satellite Internet but its costs are still greater by far compared to the startup costs for dialup, cable, or broadband Internet.

Installation and Activation
Generally speaking, professional installation offered by your preferred service provider may cost $150 to $250. Although installation fees aren’t affordable as a rule, you are sure to get your money’s worth because professionally installed satellite dishes are less prone, if ever, to connection problems.

In some cases, one or both types of fees are waived. This will generally depend on the promotional offer the satellite Internet service provider is currently running as well as where you’re residing.

Lock-In Period
Another factor that you should consider before subscribing to a satellite Internet plan is the lock-in period. Companies could require you to sign up for twelve or a maximum of twenty-four months of service. If you decide to terminate the contract prior to its expiration, you will be liable to pay your satellite ISP hefty penalty fees.

Monthly Fees
Of course, there are the monthly subscription fees itself. Depending on what type of subscription plan you have availed, your monthly fee could be anywhere between $50 and $80. Premium accounts may even charge you more than a hundred dollars per month.

HughesNet versus GlobalNet
GlobalNet is currently offering customers broadband satellite for $49.95 per month and with Internet connection speed at a maximum of 512kbps. HughesNet, the leading satellite Internet provider, offers customers a basic package at $59.99, which is slightly more expensive, but with twice the speed at 1Mbps.

Is Satellite Internet Worth Its Price?
That definitely depends on your needs. Consider where you are living. Do you have any other options for obtaining Internet access? If so, then maybe a more affordable alternative would do. But if satellite Internet is your only way of accessing the Internet then the monthly subscription fee might just be worth it.

Also, satellite Internet is not without its advantages. Its connection is certainly better than what you would get from dialup Internet. All in all, you just have to ask yourself one thing: how much are you willing to pay to go online?


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