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High Speed HughesNet Satellite Internet FAQs

01) Q: What is HughesNet Satellite Internet?
HughesNet is a high speed satellite Internet solution available to everyone in the contiguous U.S.  You must have a clear view of the southern sky.  Your phone line is not used, HughesNet uses satellite technology to give you a super fast always on Internet connection.  You get on line instantly with HughesNet allowing you to access email, surf and open files faster and download files in a fraction of the time of a dial up connection.

02) Q: How fast are HughesNet services for your home?
Enjoy download speeds up to 1.5 Mbps and upload speeds up to 200 kbps with the HughesNet ProPlus plan.  The HughesNet Pro service plan provides download speeds up to 1 Mbps and upload speeds up to 200 Kbps. The HughesNet Home service plan delivers download speeds up to 700 Kbps and upload speeds up to 128 Kbps. Actual speeds may vary because all Internet technologies (satellite or land-based) share available network bandwidth in one way or another.

03) Q: What connection speeds will I typically get with HughesNet?
With the HughesNet™ Home service plan, you may enjoy download speeds up to 700 Kbps, with typical speeds of about 500 Kbps to 600 Kbps during peak times. Upload speeds, which are capable of reaching 128 Kbps, are typically 70 Kbps to 80 Kbps during peak hours.

With the HughesNet Pro plan, connect to the Internet with maximum download speeds of up to 1.0 Mbps, with typical speeds about 650 Kbps to 750 Kbps during peak times. Upload speeds, which are capable of reaching 200 Kbps, are typically 100 Kbps to 125 Kbps during peak hours.

With the HughesNet ProPlus plan, connect to the Internet with maximum download speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps, with typical speeds about 750 Kbps to 800 Kbps during peak times. Upload speeds, which are capable of reaching 200 Kbps, are typically 100 Kbps to 125 Kbps during peak hours.

04) Q: How can I/where can I purchase HughesNet Satellite Internet?

You can order online:

Buy Now

or you can speak with a GlobalCom sales representative by calling 1-888-636-0707.

05) Q: What are my computer system requirements for HughesNet?
Whether you are running a Windows® or Macintosh® operating system HughesNet™ lets you connect your computer to the Internet.

The minimum systems requirements are:
Windows 98SE or higher (including VISTA) or Mac OS 10.1 or higher, and
Network capability (10/100 Ethernet pre-equipped)

06) Q: Is HughesNet compatible with my Mac?

A: HughesNet™ is compatible with Mac OS 10.1 or higher. 10/100 Ethernet connectivity is also required.

07) Q: Can I use HughesNet to run a small network?
Yes, you can connect multiple desktop and laptop computers to a HughesNet connection.  Networking hardware may be required which is not included with your HughesNet system.  For networking hardware and setup contact your network hardware manufacturer.  Hughes will not be responsible for your network setup.

08) Q: Can the HughesNet certified installer set up my home network?
When setting up the installation of your HughesNet with your installer you can inquire if this is this is an option.  Technical support for your home network is not provided by Hughes.  Multiple users may degrade your service. Stated speeds and uninterrupted service is not guaranteed.

09) Q: What if my computer did not come with a Network Interface Card (NIC)? What can I do?
Most computers can be upgraded with a 10/100 (NIC) Ethernet Network Interface Card.  Your computer manufacture can provide you with more information on the right NIC card for your computer.  If you are comfortable with opening your computer and installing hardware, most Ethernet NICs can be self-installed. Make sure your NIC is configured for auto-negotiate.

If you have a USB connection on your computer you can purchase a USB Ethernet adapter which can be easier to install than a PCI (NIC) card.  You can also use a USB Ethernet adapter on your laptop or purchase a PCMCIA Ethernet card.

10) Q: Can I use a PCMCIA card adapter for my laptop?
Yes, you can use a PCMCIA card to connect your laptop to the HughesNet modem.  You will receive an Ethernet cable with your HughesNet system to connect your computer to the HughesNet modem.

11) Q: Do I still need a dial-up modem and telephone line?
No, you do not need a phone line or a dial-up data modem to use your HughesNet Satellite Internet service.

12) Q: If I already have DIRECTV service, do I need to get a new dish for HughesNet?
Yes the DIRECTV service dish is not compatible with the HughesNet service which requires a unique dish to access the Internet via satellite.  You can add the DIRECTV service and programming to the HughesNet dish by purchasing a DIRECTV upgrade kit.  It is your option to either keep your existing DIRECTV dish or purchase an upgrade using the one dish solution from HughesNet.

13) Q: I have DIRECTV already. Will this be on the same bill? Any special deals?
No, you cannot receive both services on the same bill.  HughesNet is 50% owned by the DIRECTV group but it operates independently from DIRECTV.  There are no discounts currently offered when selecting both services.

14) Q: Why is there a requirement that the HughesNet™ system be professionally installed?
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that trained HughesNet certified installer provides the installation.

15) Q: How quickly will I be up and running?
On average most customers are fully installed and up and running within two weeks after placing an order.  After you place your order, a certified HughesNet installer will contact you within five days.  The installer will then work out a day and time that is mutually agreeable for your installation.  

16) Q: What is transmission latency?
Transmission latency is the amount of time it takes a packet of data to travel across the network.  With satellite service, the packet of data must travel up to the satellite and back.  This round trip is about 45,000 miles.  This adds about a half second delay to the time your computer takes to connect to the host server or Website.  Because of this, time sensitive applications requiring fractions of a second user inputs (including real time equities trading or multi-player "twitch" games) are not recommended with HughesNet.

17) Q: Can I run a VPN over HughesNet?
Yes VPN client can run over satellite but your data speeds may be reduced by 50% to 75%.  To restore your connection to full speed simply disable your VPN client when your session is over.

18) Q: Why does the service slow down when used in conjunction with a VPN?
The HughesNet™ system uses sophisticated acceleration techniques to provide high-speed performance over satellite. These acceleration techniques require access to data packet header information, which is blocked when IPSec-based VPNs are used. These VPNs encrypt the data and create a secure tunnel through the HughesNet network. The encrypted data cannot be processed by HughesNet's acceleration techniques, therefore resulting in slower performance.

19) Q: Can I put this system on a boat or in an RV?
Yes, call GlobalCom at 1-888-636-0770 for more information.

20) Q: I'm a home user of HughesNet Satellite Internet service. How can I contact Customer Support when I have a question or problem?
For questions on your service, account status, and activity history call HughesNet customer service toll free at 1-866-347-3292.

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