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Iridium, Thuraya, Inmarsat & Globalstar Satellite Phones, Rentals & Products

Full Line of Satphone Products and Hundreds of Accessories.

Break FREE from the limits of Cellular. Use your satellite phone from GlobalCom virtually anywhere. Call someone, surf the internet, or even email from your boat, RV, or just in the middle of no where, with no problem just dial and go.

Rent a satellite phone at our guaranteed lowest rate. Worldwide coverage. Enjoy our new rates of hand held Iridium phones at Globalcom.

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Satellite Phones and Products

9555          9575

New Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone. The ONLY worldwide coverage satellite phone! Plans as low as 88 cents per minute. Rentals as low as $4 per day.

Iridium Phones

Globalstar GSP-1700

  Free GSP-1700 Sat Phone with Airtime Purchase. Globalstar satellite phones provides low equipment fees with unlimited service plans.

Globalstar Phones

IsatPhone 2   IsatPhone Pro

The new Isatphone 2 satellite phone & GPS provides world coverage over the Inmarsat network. Learn More: Isatphone Pro Review

Inmarsat Phones

Order online or call 1-888-636-0707 to rent a satellite phone!

How to Choose a Satellite Phone

Satellite Internet, Satellite TV, Broadband and Voice/Data Solutions

Portable Internet Systems

BGAN Data and voice solutions keep you in touch no matter where you are or when you need them. Just plug in a handset and/or laptop PC and surf or talk.

Inmarsat BGAN

Satellite Internet

Faster surfing, faster downloads and instant email access from your home or business. No upfront cost, up to $250 Rebate and a $100 Refer a Friend Reward!

HughesNet Internet


Regional Sat Phone coverage for Iraq, Afganistan, Middle east, Europe, Africa, India, Pakistan and Russia.

Thuraya Phones

Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Review and Product Informatiom Part 3

Satellite phones are great for places around the world that cellular signals cannot reach. Satellite phones operate by working through roving satellites, which are at different points around the earth at any given time. However, many satellite phones are also very expensive, and they are bulky; they can be difficult to carry around, difficult to charge, and even more difficult to use. Moreover, some satellite phones cannot work in bad weather because of blocked satellites. Satellite phones need to work for you, so if you are looking for a good satellite phone brand, you might want to look at phones provided by Globalcom.

The Inmarsat Isatphone Pro Satellite Phone, in particular, has many different specs that might help you choose it as your satellite phone of choice. Read any review of Inmarsat and you will find that this satellite phone has many features that users appreciate, such as speed dialing and a speaker phone option. These can be valuable for people who work in groups out in the field, and who might have very few hands to spare when it comes to communicating with the outside world.

For missed calls, there is a call history feature that can allow users to make records of their calls. Inmarsat phones also support a variety of languages, including Chinese, French, Japanese, and Spanish, aside from English. This allows for more users around the world to be able to avail of the advantages of satellite phones. Other features include Caller ID, so that you do not unnecessarily pick up the phone and use battery power when you do not know who is calling. You can also avail of call waiting and call divert, so that you never miss any important calls. You can hold your calls so that you can maximize your communication time, and even bar callers from contacting you.

Any review of Globalcom will tell you that this company provides great satellite phones, such as Isatphone satellite phones, which are being used the world over. Globalcom phones are reliable and are not as bulky as other satellite phones. This makes them ideal for many different environments, and makes Globalcom the provider to beat in the satellite phone market.

More Inmarsat Isatphone Pro Review:

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