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Customer Self Installation Tips for Satellite Internet Users

If you are in need of a good internet connection, then you may want to start installing satellite Internet. This Internet type is fast and can be quite reliable, given that you are in a geographic location that offers you a good view of the sky, and you are living in weather conditions that are not too harsh or unpredictable so that you keep getting interference in your satellite internet connection. There are now several companies offering satellite internet services. One such company is HughesNet, which can work with computers in both Windows and Macintosh systems. Like other satellite internet companies, HughesNet gives customers the flexibility of installing their own satellite internet systems.

If you are going to install your own satellite Internet system, then you may want to take a look at the following tips. These tips are by no means comprehensive, so always look for help from your satellite internet provider, or from your local hardware store, where you may find experts who can help you out of troubles.

  • Remember, getting a good signal and a reliable Internet connection is all about the coordinates. You might have the best Internet service provider in the world, but if you are outside the satellite’s line of sight, you will not be able to get the internet connection, or even stay online. To do this, you will need to get a set of coordinates, which will help you orient your satellite dish, and which you will find if you talk to your satellite internet service provider. Keep this information in a safe, easy-to-reach place, so that if something topples your dish, you know just where to put it.
  • There’s not just one place to put your satellite dish down. You will need to survey different sites within your immediate area and find the best place to get a clear line of sight to the location of the satellite. Stay away from trees, because satellite signals don’t go through them. Look for a place that will not be overgrown with foliage, and that will not be a prime location for animals to knock your dish over.
  • Have your tools ready. You will need a screw driver, electric drill with different sizes of drill bits, and pliers or a pair of wrenches so that you can assemble the dish. It will take anywhere from one to two hours to get your dish on its feet, but you need some time to adjust your satellite as you test your internet reliability and speed.
  • Make sure you know where all your plugs and cables go. This will avoid entanglements that can wreck your hardware or make later repairs and checks difficult.

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