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The StarFax 100’s primary function is to act as a fax interface allowing the user to send and receive faxes over the Globalstar Satellite Network. Send and receive faxes without a computer virtually anywhere as long as you are outdoors with a clear view of the sky.

Connect your data compatible Globalstar phone with the StarFax 100 which then simply plugs into any standard Group 3 fax machine allowing you to send and receive faxes from virtually anywhere.

ADVANTAGES: * Easy to Use * No computer needed * Simple set-up * Works with virtually any standard fax machine * Send and receive with any other fax machine * US-based Globalstar Fax Number * Confirmation message provided * Affordable * Low monthly fee * standard airtime charges apply * No per page charges * Data and fax compression allowing the fast transmission * Reliable * Interrupted transmissions will automatically redial and continue where it left off never missing a fax * “Store and Forward” system: Saves both incoming and outgoing faxes if the Globalstar phone is not connected or turned off the transmission is stored until a connection if available then the system will print or send the fax transmission

COVERAGE: * All of the Globalstar North America coverage area * You can Receive faxes from anywhere in the world * Send faxes to any United States or Canada-based phone number

INCLUDES: * Portable Interface Box * DC Adaptor included * Battery Pack * Simple User Guide

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT REQUIRED FOR FAX TRANSMISSION (NOT INCLUDED): * Data-capable Globalstar Satellite Phone which can be either a GSP-2900 Fixed Phone or GSP-1600 Handheld (with or without GCK-1410 Car Kit). * Globalstar Data Kit. * Standard telephone cable (RJ-11). * Standard Group 3 fax machine.

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