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Deluxe Globalstar To Go Kit for Satellite Phones

Only $499.00 after $50.00 Instant Rebate

Calls are now as LOW AS .14 cents per minute!!

Our Globalstar To Go Kit is a popular package, which includes:

  • 1ea - (NEW) Globalstar GSP1600 Satellite phone 1ea - Custom Pelican water-proof hard case with a lifetime warranty 2ea - Lithium Batteries 1ea - AC wall charger 1ea - Free Cigarette lighter charger
  • 1ea - Manual

This includes everything a boater, camper or anyone might need to stay in touch and protect their equipment from the elements. Now never be out of touch again, with the Globalstar satellite phone you can make calls from virtually anywhere to everywhere. With our simple to use phone enjoy superior voice clarity along with affordable, and reliable satellite communications. You can also have the piece of mind that with a Globalstar satellite phone you have a standard United States phone number which allows anyone to easily call you from anywhere. You have the option to activate the cellular portion of your satellite telephone allowing you flexible use of the cellular portion of the phone while in cellular range and switch to satellite mode when you are outside of range. Globalstar satellite phones communicates with a 48-satellite constellation using CDMA technology. CDMA technology has been recognized for superior voice quality, reliability and security. Calls are now only .99 cent per minute!!!

Price: Only $499.00 after $50.00 Instant Rebate

Demo To Go Kits Are Now Available!

Starting From $499.00. Click Here To View The World Wide Coverage Map.

ORDER NOW: Deluxe Globalstar To Go Kit

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