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SPOT Satellite Messenger and Tracker Coverage Map

SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker
The World’s First Satellite Messenger and Tracker

99.4% Satellite Reliability Using a 48 Satellite Constellation
GPS location coordinates accurate to within 20 feet

Never be lost, stranded or be in potentially in life threatening situations in remote areas beyond the range of cellular phones.

Now, with Spot Locator you can send a message for help or tell family members, friends or the emergency responders where to find you using GPS accuracy regardless of cellular coverage. Help is just a push button away!

SPOT’s message and tracking functions enable users to send messages to friends, family or emergency responders, based upon varying levels of need and to visually track the location of the SPOT Satellite Messenger:

Be one of the first to receive a “SPOT” The World’s First Satellite Messenger and Tracker

Spot Satellite Messenger $49.99 after rebate Click Here for the Rebate Form

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