Globalstar Satellite Phone Equipment Manuals at Globalcom

Globalstar Satellite Phone Equipment Manuals

Download Adobe Acrobat (pdf) versions of QUALCOMM Globalstar satellite phone equipment manuals.

New: Globalstar GSP-1700 Satellite Phone The latest in the line of great Globalstar phones. This is their lightest and fastest phone yet.

This user manual will give you all the instructions and specifications that you need to properly take care of your phone.

Globalstar GSP-1700 User Manual

Globalstar Handheld Phone (GSP-1600) Globalstar satellite phones keeps you connected with information and people that matter the most, wherever you live, work and play. Globalstar’s innovative 12 oz. digital satellite phones keeps you connected and in touch with clear, convenient and reliable Internet Access and satellite voice at affordable rates no matter where you are.

This quick start guide includes information necessary to successfully operate the handheld satellite phone as well as detailed troubleshooting solutions. This quick start guide is enclosed with every phone GlobalCom ships.

Quick Start Guide for GSP-1600 and GSP-1700 Globalstar phone

Quick Connect Guide

Cconcise guide of how to connect and use your satellite phone

Original QUALCOMM Globalstar User Guide This Globalstar User Guide provides detailed descriptions on how to use the Tri-Mode phone. It also includes what features are available and how to access them. The User Guide also contains a description of tri-mode phone accessories, calling troubleshooting solutions, and battery operation.

Globalstar User Guide

Original QUALCOMM Globalstar Quick Reference Card This quick reference card includes basic user information, providing identifying tri-mode phone parts, information about optimal antenna positioning, a list of basic operation procedures, and call troubleshooting solutions.

Globalstar Quick Reference Card

Globalstar Data for Handheld Phone

Globalstar Satellite Data Kit for GSP-1600 Quick Start Card This quick start card provides an overview of what is in the kit, instructions to getting started, computing requirements and key settings for packet data on your computer.

Quick Start Card

Globalstar Satellite Data Kit for GSP-1600 User Guide QUALCOMM packet data service for Globalstar satellite phones let you access the Internet or other TCP/IP packet-switched networks through your QUALCOMM Globalstar GSP-1600 Portable Tri-Mode Phone. This User Guide offers detailed descriptions on how to use and configure the Satellite Data Kit with your PC, UNIX or Macintosh computer or PDA.

User Guide

Globalstar Fixed Phone (GSP-2900) QUALCOMM’s Globalstar Hands-Free Car Kit is designed to use with the QUALCOMM Globalstar GSP-1600 Portable Tri-Mode satellite phone, which will complement existing fixed and cellular phone networks by switching from terrestrial cellular telephony to satellite telephony as required. This Hands-Free Car Kit can also be used as an alternative low cost fixed satellite solution.

Before You Begin

Original QUALCOMM Globalstar Installation/User Guide

Installation/User Guide

Globalstar GSP-2900 Fixed Phone Install Guide Supplement Installation in Maritime/Extreme

StarFax 100 and StarPort 700 The main function of the StarFax 100 is to act as a fax allowing the user to send and receive faxes over the Globalstar Satellite Network. As well as a fax, the StarPort 700 can also act as a network router and device interface allowing it to be used for more data applications.

GSP-2900 Data Cable Manual This document gives step-by-step installation instructions allowing the user to install the GSP-2900 Data Cable Kit.

Installation Instructions

SkyHawk M1620 the General Purpose Satellite Modem

Skyhawk Installation Guide

Additional Globalstar Satellite Phone Information

Additional Information

Understand the terminology: Satellite Phone Industry Glossary