World Wide Satellite Phone Coverage Maps from Globalcom

Globalcom is the leader in satellite phone products. With over 20 years of experience we ensure the best service and support on the planet. Please browse below to find the best sat phone coverage from all the top brands. Call us at anytime at 888-636-0707 if you need assistance.

GlobalStar Satellite Phone Coverage
Globalstar satellite telephones offer coverage throughout the US, Canada, Eastern Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, Mexico, South America as well as other regions of the planet. Globalstar has the highest call clarity and offers the most economical satellite telephones available. Inmarsat satellite telephones offer service virtually anywhere on the planet. With the Inmarsat regional BEGAN unit it is possible to high speed / low cost internet access.

Globalstar Coverage Map

Spot Satellte Messenger Coverage
99.4% Satellite Reliability Using a 48 Satellite Constellation GPS location coordinates accurate to within 20 feet.

SPOT Coverage Maps

Iridium Satellite Phone Coverage
With the Iridium satellite telephones, it is possible to have worldwide coverage while traveling, even when at sea. Iridium satellite service offers a pre-paid plan. With the Iridium pre-paid service, there is no credit check, no contract and no monthly fee. Whether you are traveling to Africa or Antarctica the Iridium satellite telephones will keep you in touch from virtually anywhere on the planet.

Iridium Coverage Maps

Thuraya Satellite Phone Coverage
Thuraya Satellite coverage is now available in hundreds of countries spanning a large region of northern, central and western Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Indian Subcontinent.

Thuraya Coverage Maps

Inmarsat Fleet Broadband Satellite Phone/Internet Service
BGAN, RBGAN and GAN coverage for all Inmarsat products.

Inmarsat BGAN Coverage Maps

Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Coverage Map
This section contains several maps for the Inmarsat Isatphone Pro satellite phone, including the basic coverage map and the I-4 satellite look angles for various locations in the world. We also have a map which shows how the Isatphone Pro spot beams are dispersed around the world.

Satellite coverage is virtually worldwide. With any one of the satellite telephones offered by Globalcom you will experience a level of service availability not possible with traditional cellular networks.

Satellite telephones offer not only excellent coverage and service, but also reliability and ease of operation. Making and receiving calls on satellite telephones is as simple as using a typical cellular telephone. Whether you choose Globalstar satellite telephones, Iridium satellite telephones or Inmarsat satellite service, we at Globalcom are certain you will not be disappointed.

Inmarsat IsatPhone Coverage Maps