Why, How, and Where to Travel in Africa

Tourists may greatly enjoy going to popular tourist attractions — who doesn’t want to show off their selfies in front of the Eiffel Tower — but dedicated travelers usually are more interested in visiting places not exactly on the map.

While big cities and world landmarks may be fun, real travelers most look forward to small villages, unknown cultures, and real people in foreign places. Still, regrettably few avid travelers strive to tour one of the most fascinating and underappreciated vacation destinations in the world: Africa.

Africa is unbelievably rich in astounding natural scenery, grand untold history, and distinct vivid culture. Instead of journeying to well-trodden locales on your next trip, you should experience the glory and splendor of Africa, from the Cape of Good Hope to the Mediterranean Sea.

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How to Stay Safe on Your First Solo Fishing Trip

While a group fishing trip promises good times — angling certainly pairs well with laughing, drinking, and story-telling — most fishers will tell you that there is no better way to relax and recharge than by experiencing the waters completely solo. Indeed, fishing alone allows a person to connect with nature on a fundamental level; without the distractions of daily life and other people, one can nestle into one’s thoughts and enjoy the outdoors uninhibited.

However venturing out on a solo fishing trip also poses some dangers: There is little room for error when all of the responsibilities for survival rest on your shoulders alone. Thus, in order to ensure a fun, refreshing fishing trip, follow these four sweet and simple steps.

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7 Massive Mistakes Made While Buying a Satellite Phone

A satellite phone is a smart and important purchase almost on par with a new car, but that doesn’t stop most people from rushing into the decision. In fact, most customers continue to make the same mistakes during their shopping and thus fail to procure a device that will serve them well on their travels.

The truth is that satellite phone products come in all shapes and sizes, and weighing one’s options to find the perfect device for one’s needs is absolutely crucial to ensure a positive satellite phone experience. While shopping for a satellite phone or product, avoid these common blunders to select a device perfect for you.

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The 4 Most Beautiful Remote Islands Most People Will Never See

The world is a wonderful place, filled with thrilling and beautiful places. Still, people insist on visiting only the most popular places, like Europe’s major Western cities and well-traveled resort cities in Mexico. Only the most intrepid travelers seek out the rare and untouched places, and they are heavily rewarded with unique and sensational sights, sounds, and smells.

If you want to be one of the elite, pack up your bags, charge your satellite phone, and head to one of these fantastic and far-flung island paradises.

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The 5 Most Common Users of Satellite Phones

The satellite phone is one of the most useful tools one will ever buy, but many people neglect to make this fateful purchase simply because they don’t see the use. After all, everyone today owns a cellphone, and providers offer global service so users can find reception no matter where they travel. Unless, that is, one’s cell phone isn’t outfitted with the technology to utilize a foreign country’s towers, or one desires to explore a region beyond the bounds of civilization. In fact, there are a hundred or more scenarios where a traditional cellphone is as useful as a potato in keeping in touch with the outside world.

More people profit from the ability to constantly and unfailingly communicate than one might think. To educate those on the myriad advantages of owning a sat phone, here’s a list of people and occupations that use the tech most often.

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Why Every BASE Jumper Needs a Sat Phone

While skydiving and bungee jumping have been popular for decades, there is a new extreme sport gaining popularity among adventurers around the world: BASE jumping. Taking its name from the four terrain types from which jumpers jump — building, antenna, span, and Earth — BASE jumping is an extremely dangerous activity that requires skill and precision; however, having a bit of fearlessness doesn’t exactly hurt, either. BASE jumping is lauded as the world’s most extreme of extreme sports, and it’s easy to see why.

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Why Satellite Phones Are the Future of Communication

The seeming ubiquity and unlimited usefulness of the Internet has heralded the imminent end to many other forms of communication. Print media, such as newspapers and magazines, has been steadily declining in readership for years, and younger audiences are eschewing cable or satellite television in favor of online viewing options, like Netflix broadcast by Blu-Ray players or game consoles or new casting technology like Chromecast. Even some phone companies are taking a hit in contract holders, as the Internet hosts several sites that keep people in touch through written, audio, or video messages.

However, the Internet is far from omnipotent. In the early days of network technology, the Internet relied on phone lines for connections, and even today, access to Internet is costly and limited. In fact, more than half the world population — roughly 4.4 billion people — still lack even basic Internet connections. The telephone still reigns supreme as the best means to communicate across the globe, and the satellite phone is this communications technology’s unrivaled emperor.

Satellite phones have existed for several decades, and their unwavering ability to connect lost, injured, and lonely individuals with people they need has maintained their status as necessary tech for travelers. In contrast, the Internet is wholly unreliable for people frequently on-the-move — which is precisely why the Internet won’t be the most useful technology in the future, considering the speed and distance of imminent human travels.

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Sat-Fi II® Coming Soon to Your Favorite Remote Location

Until now, if you are one of the many travelers, adventures, off-gridders,  or  if you just happen to find yourself in an area with no cell phone coverage, there has been little hope of finding a way to access the internet. At least not at reasonable speeds or prices. Current MSS (Mobile Satellite Service) portable technology offerings are painfully slow. The Iridium satellite phone can connect to the internet about 2.4kbps (Kilo-bits per second) and Globalstar’s old network can handle about 9.6kbps. These tiny data rates are barely usable, except for simple text based emails at best. Even an old dial-up phone connection via a modem could manage 56kbps! Don’t even think about trying to read your favorite online news page, let alone anything more data intensive. But don’t be too hard on these satellite operators. Keep in mind that the satellites that the MSS providers have been operating (Globalstar and Iridium for example) are in their second decade of operation! Old technology for sure. It is possible to use more bulky and expensive satellite equipment to achieve higher data rates. However these solutions do not lend themselves to being easily carried around, and equipment and usage fees can be extreme.

What we need are some new satellites, new ground infrastructure and new consumer devises to access the satellite network.

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Why You Absolutely Do Need Internet During Your Travels

The Internet has morphed into a necessary extension of humanity. The sudden onset ubiquity of smartphones has allowed people to carry the Internet around wherever we go. All day, every day, we have access to unprecedented amounts of information, which means that we no longer need to use biological (brains) or physical (papers) means to remember information. Western populations, at least, have become wholly dependent on the Internet to survive and thrive. Luckily, the Internet is everywhere — or is it?

Many overseas travelers have probably noted that finding a connection outside one’s home country is trickier than one might expect. Unlike the United States, where Wi-Fi is available in virtually every store on any city block, most foreign countries guard their Internet connections, making it exceedingly difficult for Western travelers to navigate while overseas. Though there are a handful of solutions — foremost among them owning an Iridium GO Wi-Fi Hotspot — to this harrowing travel dilemma, many travelers continue to flounder without the Internet in these particular ways.

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All You Ever Needed to Know About Winter Hiking

Each season presents its own dangers — summer has oppressive heat, spring brings deluges of water — but winter is particularly serious. Even locked safely at home, people face myriad threats from winter’s low temperatures, from blizzards making movement impossible to ice cutting off power to entire cities. Death and injury due to difficult winter weather are still common place even in developed nations — and yet, people still enjoy a nice winter hike.

In truth, winter is a fabulous season for hiking. Landscapes everywhere are transformed by the season, as the usual stunning green turns to dazzlingly crisp white. However, winter hiking excursions require significantly more forethought to combat any potential obstacles or unforeseen developments before they arise. Whether your potential hiking adventure will take a day or a month, keep these safety tips in mind as you make plans to see the real winter wonderlands.

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