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 Plan  Service Fee  Minutes Included  Additional Minutes  Incoming Calls  Incoming SMS Voice Mail
Basic  $64.95 / mo 10 / Month  $1.39  Free  Free Free  Order Now
Entry  $69.95 / mo  20 / Month  $1.29  Free  Free Free  Order Now
Standard  $77.95 / mo  30 / Month  $1.19  Free  Free Free  Order Now
Traveler  $134 / mo  60 / Month  $1.19  Free  Free Free  Order Now
 Explorer  $147 / mo  100 / Month  $1.09  Free  Free Free  Order Now
Value  $277 / mo  250 / Month  $0.99  Free  Free Free  Order Now
Annual  $799.95/Year 10/ Month  $1.39  Free  Free Free  Order Now

*All Contract Terms = 12months

** Emergency Iridium plans are one of the cheapest satellite phone plans available from any provider. Incoming SMS are Free. Outgoing SMS are $0.75 each. This is the cheapest Iridium plan and is a lowest cost way way to keep the phone active for emergency use.

Text Messaging

Inbound text messages sent from the website are free. Outbound text messages are $.85 each.

1+ Dialing
The +1 Access service is developed to provide Iridium satellite phone post paid subscribers with a U.S.-based +1 phone number in addition to their existing 8816 phone number. As the 8816 country code can be difficult to dial in certain parts of the world and can generate high call charges for the calling party, the +1 Access enables simpler and less expensive calling of Iridium subscribers. The +1 Access can be added to any Iridium post paid account. The cost is $9.50 per month.

The +1 Access service is similar in concept to two-stage but doesn’t require any user intervention. Each +1 number is directly mapped in the switch to an accompanying 8816 number. When a call is received via +1, the system identifies the correct MSISDN and routes the call to the Iridium user. The process is seamless, but there will be a slight delay prior to call connection – as is currently experienced with two stages.

Iridium satellite phone service subscribers will gain from the added convenience of having a U.S. phone number linked to their Iridium phone. Subscribers can manage their call costs and caller access by choosing to distribute their 8816 phone number or their +1 phone number. Customer satisfaction will increase as callers are able to avoid the high PSTN termination charges associated with direct dialing.

Due to network structure, data is not available with the +1 Access service. The +1 Access service is currently not available to prepaid subscribers. The cost for 1+ dialing to the Iridium satellite phone is $9.50 per month and $2.49/minute.

Two stage Dialing
This option is more affordable for the person dialing to the Iridium satellite phone, but will cost the Satellite phone subscriber $1.99 per minute. To place these calls first dial the Arizona Iridium gateway at 480.768.2500. This will be considered a long distance call for the person calling from the US. Once dialed the voice prompt will welcome you and ask for the Iridium satellite phone number you would like to call. At this point you will dial the 12 digit Iridium number you would like to call.
Keep in mind that the phone call will only go through if the satellite phone being called is turned on, outside and receiving a signal. If the Satellite phone is not receiving a signal from the satellite network than any voice calls to that phone will be sent to voicemail. If you leave a voice  mail on the Iridium phone, the subscriber to that phone will be notified the next time the phone is registered on the Iridium network.

The above service charges for the satellite telephones are for calls originating anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. Never worry when calling a landline, and never pay roaming nor long distance with the Iridium satellite phone service at Globalcom from anywhere to everywhere on the planet. Short text messages can be sent to an Iridium satellite phone voice terminal free from the web site.

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Iridium Offers the Satellite Industries Best Quality

Iridium offers the only network that provides pole to pole coverage with no service gaps anywhere on the planet.  Iridium’s constellation of cross linked low earth orbiting satellites provide multiple layers of redundancy to ensure the reliability of their network.  Iridium’s 66 operational satellites are complemented by numerous in orbit spares.  Calls are connected from one satellite to another till they are downloaded to one of Iridium’s gateways where it is patched into the public switched phone system.

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