How the Globalstar Satellite Phone Works

Globalstar satellite phone service is delivered thought 48 Low-Earth-Orbiting Satellites providing both voice and data services. The Globalstar LEO constellation is only 700 miles from earth which allows for the highest quality voice clarity of any satellite phone in the industry.

QualComm’s Code Division Multiple Access or (CDMA) technology is the basis of the Globalstar’s digital satellite service. This technology allows for signal security, superior quality, fewer dropped calls, and greater reliability.

Globalstar uses redundancy with every call a customer places. A call is routed through as many as four satellites which then combine the signal into a single static free call. If one of the paths to one of the satellites is blocked the other satellites keep the call from terminating. This is called (Path Diversity) which minimizes dropped calls and enhances the quality of the Globalstar satellite phone service.

Globalstar’s (Bent-Pipe Technology) allow the call to be first beamed up to the satellite and then retransmitted to a relatively close gateway. The call is then sent through to its call destination through land-line or cellular networks. The Globalstar Gateway carries out all the processing and switching of the calls rather than the satellite itself. This improves the reliability of the call delivery.

The Globalstar satellite phone Gateways that provide service to United States, Canada, Caribbean, and Mexico include: Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico; San Martin, Mexico; Clifton, Texas; Smiths Falls, Ontario; and High River, Alberta. A new Gateway is under construction in south Florida and is expected to be completed by the end of 2004. This new Gateway will enhance services to the Bahamas and will provide additional coverage in the North Atlantic. After the Florida Gateway is functional Globalstar plans to add a Gateway to enhance service in Alaska. There are numerous other Gateways that provide service to over 100 countries throughout the world. The Gateway currently servicing Iraq is located in Turkey.

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