Iridium Satellite Phone World Wide Coverage Map


Iridium provides complete coverage of all ocean areas, air routes and all landmasses – even the Poles. Iridium delivers essential services to users who need communications access to and from remote areas where no other form of communication is available. Select from our range of Iridium satellite phone rental or Iridium satellite phone purchase solutions, and we will deliver a ready-to-use handheld IRIDIUM Satellite Phone kit to you overnight anywhere across North America.

Standard Voice Services
The Iridium system provides true global voice services by covering areas that cellular and landline do not. Voice services are supported using the smaller, lighter, water resistant 9505 satellite phone. The excellent signal strength provided by the Iridium constellation supports reliable connectivity across wide ranging landscapes and situations.

Iridium provides truly global, truly mobile voice connection.

Hearing your family or connecting to your colleagues is as easy as dialing the phone

The following is a list of the restricted/embargoed countries, applying to satellite phones.

The three Restricted Countries where the Iridium phone will not complete a call to the local phone system are: N. Korea, Poland, & Hungary.

The embargoed countries where a satellite phone will work in these countries (we cannot guarantee service), but there (may be) issues taking an Iridium phone into these areas at customs/border patrols: Cuba, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Angola & Yugoslavia.

You may need special government permission to bring a satellite phone into embargoed countries.

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