About GlobalCom

Globalcom offers a broad range of satellite phone service and phones including Iridium, Globalstar, Thuraya and Inmarsat. Globalcom also provides data solutions with Hughes Net. Customer Testimonials

Globalcom Satellite Communications
17000 Preston Rd, Ste 320
Dallas, TX 75248

Currently, the best service available at Globalcom is offered by Iridium. Iridium phones offer true worldwide coverage including the open seas. With the Iridium service it is possible to purchase pre-paid minutes with no contract, no credit check and no monthly fees.

Globalstar satellite phones offer the least expensive airtime service plans as well as the least expensive hand held satellite phones. Globalstar offers the latest communications technology giving you the best call clarity only offered with Globalstar phones.

Thuraya’s satellite phones use geosynchronous satellites to provide Voice, Internet/Data, Fax, short messaging (SMS), and GPRS. Remote location determination services via (GPS) are also possible.

Inmarsat satellite phone service offers both voice and/or high speed data transfer in a portable unit. Inmarsat services offer near worldwide coverage. Inmarsat recently added a regional BGAN terminal to its range of service products. The regional BEGAN offers low cost / high speed internet access in remote areas.

Inmarsat BGAN Portable Internet provides a satellite terminal which can give you high speed data at ISDN speeds from virtually anywhere with a portable unit.

VSAT Satellite Internet delivers all the benefits of high speed IP networking without the constraint of landlines. We offer custom integrated solutions which combine the best breed of satellite equipment and IP technology to meet challenging business needs and sharpen your competitive edge.

SCADA Equipment and Services Bi-directional satellite technology provides a cost effective communication alternative allowing to set up SCADA networks also in remote areas and hard to reach locations.

The satellite service and communications equipment offered by Globalcom were carefully chosen for reliability, user friendly operation and durability. Please contact Globalcom at 1-888-636-0707 to discuss your satellite communications needs. The Globalcom staff will be happy to assist you in determining the best phone service and/or communications options for your individual situation.