GlobalStar, Inmarsat and Iridium Satellite Phone Support

Globalstar Satellite Phone Support:

World Wide Coverage Map

GlobalCom provides this page to help customers decide which satellite phone best fits their needs. The coverage maps are important in deciding which phone will provide coverage in the areas you plan to travel. Globalstar provides global regional coverage everywhere in the U.S.and Canada as well as over 120 other countries with an affordable hand held or fixed site unit.

World Class Service

This page includes downloadable documents which include “How to activate cellular service on my Globalstar Satellite Phone”. This provides information to your local cellular provider on how to activate cellular service on your Globalstar phone. The provider must use CDMA and 800MHz technology to be able to activate cellular service on the Globalstar phone. GlobalCom does not guarantee your local cellular provider will activate cellular service on the phone. It is at the discretion of the cellular provider

Frequently Asked Questions

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions page which is very helpful in answering common questions concerning the use of satellite phone equipment.

Globalstar Satellite Phone Equipment Manuals

You can also download Globalstar equipment manuals. This is very helpful when equipment manuals are lost.

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Globalstar Optimum Satellite Availability Tool

Support Documents:

Globalstar Manuals

Iridium Satellite Phone Support:
Urgent Iridium Update for Data Users

Iridium Free Number Testing:

Iridium has supplied us with a new way to test the Iridium satellite phone.  To test an Iridium phone one must dial 001-480-752-5105.  This is an invaluable tool to help customer confirm that their Iridium Satellite Phone is in working orders and it also offers quick tips on proper usage of the handset.  This is all free of charge and one may check their phone operation at any time.

Click Here to Send a TEXT MSG to an Iridium Phone

Support Documents:
9505a Text Instructions
9555 and 9575 Text Instructions
– 9575 Extreme Quick Start Guide
– 9555 User Guide
– 9505a User Guide
– Iridium Quick Start Guide
– Iridium Extreme User Manual
– Iridium International Access Codes
– Iridium Personal Mail Box Guide
– Iridium Network Quality Guarantee

Iridium has created a Phonebook Tool with the following capabilities:

  • Transfer existing phonebook entries between Iridium Phones
  • Create a master phonebook list and transfer it to multiple phones
  • Create a fixed dialing list for your Iridium phone
  • Back-up phonebook files on your PC in CSV format
  • Store phonebook entries to your SIM card
  • The tool is called: Iridium Phonebook Tool 3.2

Download the Tool

User Manual

Iridium USB Drivers

World Wide Coverage Map
Iridium provides planetary coverage which includes the oceans and the Poles.  The Iridium allows you to call from anywhere on the planet to virtually everywhere.

Inmarsat Products:
BGAN – World Wide Coverage Map

Inmarsat Isatphone 2 Support:

Isatphone 2 Product Brochure and Specs
IsatPhone 2 User Manual
ISatPhone 2 Quick Start Guide
ISatPhone 2  Coverage Map
Using Voicemail on IsatPhone Note: Default voicemail password is 1234