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Hughesnet and Wildblue Satellite Internet: Downloading and Uploading

Downloading and uploading are inevitable if you’re conducting business or communicating online. It’s also a concern among satellite users, particularly since speed is often an issue. So which one works better, Hughesnet or Wildblue?

This is your limit
Both systems implement Fair Access Policy or FAP. This is a means to regulate the amount of data being uploaded and downloaded by a user within a specific period of time. Simply put, if a user reaches his FAP limits, the service provider will reduce his speed allocation. The speed generally hovers at around 112kbps or about twice the speed of a dial-up.

So which one offers the better FAP? That really depends on the user’s download/upload needs and practices. Those who don’t download a lot of files will find Hughesnet’s service useful while users who frequently download large-sized files will prefer Wildblue.

However, that doesn’t end there. Wildblue subscribers have to be very careful with how they manage their download activities. Users who frequently reach their FAP limits might be in danger of getting their service cancelled. With Hughesnet, they basically give you free rein on how many times you reach your FAP limits. You do get penalized, though, by having your speed reduced, albeit temporarily.

Recovery time
In terms of recovery time or the time it takes for you to start using your subscribed speed again, the two systems also differ. Hughesnet satellite internet may have a lower limit on the size of the data that can be downloaded/uploaded but their recovery time is shorter. In case you hit your limit, you can expect to get a boost in about 8 hours or less. Wildblue, on the other hand, often takes a few days to get you back on your subscribed speed once again.

So which system will aid your downloading/uploading needs better? For regular or average home use, simply consider your downloading/uploading needs. If you manage large files frequently, Wildblue’s package will present a better option. However, if you do expect to handle large files and prefer the flexibility offered by higher FAP limits, go for Hughesnet. Get an upgraded package from the home plans to a business grade to enjoy higher FAP limits.

In case you do hit your level again and again, you don’t have to worry about getting your service cancelled. Plus, Hughesnet’s recovery rates are considerably faster than Wildblue’s so you don’t lose a lot of precious time.

Hughesnet and Wildblue: A Comparative Look


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