How Much to Pay for Satellite Phone Rental Service for Expeditions

Going out on an expedition? Whether you are fishing or going on an adventure out in the wilderness, and expedition can be trying and tiresome. For one, you will need to carry a lot of supplies with you in order to even get by. For another, you will need to communicate with people back home. You might be running a business that you have to oversee even if you’re not on site. You might be part of a company that needs you to always be on call. You might have family who will worry about you. You need a good phone, and you may be able to rent a satellite phone for your expedition.

There are now many different satellite phone rental services that are available, and they will usually charge the same rate for outgoing calls, which can go for about two dollars a minute. Some incoming calls will be free depending on your satellite phone provider. However, the people who will call you may pay high amounts of money, often as high as fifteen dollars for each minute that you use. If you are calling another satellite phone, then you may pay as much as ten dollars for each minute. If you do not want to spend on large packages, you may want to buy a prepaid satellite card. This way, you can go for as low as cents, a little under a minute, for each minute, and for a calling card that entitles you to as much as one hundred minutes.

The rates for satellite phone rentals will depend on the satellites and communication equipment available to your satellite provider. Some services have only a few satellites and they may charge lower rates, especially if they are new companies. Other services may charge a lot for calls, but you might be ensured of better reception. This can be good for you if you are working in a faraway or remote location, where you still have a clear view of the sky. However, if you are working in heavily wooded areas, or in places where there are many tall buildings, you will need to find a good place to pick up the satellite phone signal because you will be outside the line of sight of many satellites.

These are only a few tips that you can go by when you are judging how much you need to pay for satellite phone rental services. Ask us today.

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