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Why Globalcom VSAT Systems are More Reliable

Satellite internet is a good option for people who cannot be reached by any other means of internet access, but who will benefit from access all the same. Satellite internet relies on the presence of orbiting satellites, and promises fast, reliable internet connections. However, factors such as wind, weather, and cloud cover can slow down or even cut out satellite internet services entirely.

Globalcom VSAT Satellite Internet systems, however, have already carved out a reputation in te business as a highly reliable company. Its network has redundant components, enterprise class hardware systems, and the ability to manage large numbers of internet users logging on and using the World Wide Web at the same time. The networks used and maintained by Globalcom VSAT Satellite Internet systems have historic reliability close to 100%. Many satellite internet companies have not been able to boast the same.

As with many other internet services, satellite internet does suffer from network outages. However, Globalcom VSAT systems repairs its network within half an hour of the reported outage. In non-satellite internet services, several hours or days will elapse before technical or power failures are repaired.

Globalcom VSAT Satellite internet systems is able to ensure reliability through the nature of its network. It is directly connected to the U.S. internet backbone, and is therefore able to ensure connectivity. Satellite internet technology is also, by nature, less prone to network outages because of fewer opportunities to damage internet connection manually. For instance, wired and terrestrial internet connections can suffer outages because of weather, fire, or damaged lines.

In the case of satellite internet, other satellites can be called upon to transmit information just in case one is out of orbit or unavailable. Globalcom VSAT systems are reliable because they also use the best satellite technology, as well as routers and power supplies that can help keep internet connectivity. Even rain fade, which occurs when storms come between the satellite and satellite dish, is dealt with by Globalcom VSAT Satellite Internet systems through the use of larger dishes, higher grade equipment, and more powerful transmitters.

Whether you are a private user or a business owner, you will need to access the internet. Globalcom VSAT satellite internet systems are a reliable leader in satellite internet services, and you can use their services to meet your internet access needs.

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