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Weather Outages and Satellite Internet Dish Location

For satellite Internet, weather and an unsuitable location are its two worst enemies. If installed improperly, the satellite dish used for your Internet will not be able to perform top notch service and you won’t get your money’s worth. Considering how much satellite Internet costs, that’s definitely something to worry about.

Weather Concerns that May Affect Satellite Internet Connection
Living in a four-season state may be an enchanting experience in most cases, but if you are using satellite Internet, certain elements of the weather could cause you to suffer from reduced speeds and other connection problems.

There are two things you have to worry about when a storm is approaching. Firstly, you need to consider where and how you have installed your dish. If done improperly, strong winds could cause your dish to topple off or at the very least, it could cause misalignment and consequently fluctuating Internet connection. Secondly, there’s also lightning to worry about: there’s not much you can do if lightning would strike your satellite dish down to cinders.

Although winter coincides with the holidays and comes with numerous exclusive activities that you can’t enjoy at any other time of the year, winter also promises to be a troublesome time for accessing the Internet. Having snow pile up on your dish could lead to alignment problems and which will consequently cause you to suffer from connection woes. If not addressed immediately, this may eventually cause your dish to have a distorted shape.

To prevent this from happening, check your satellite dish regularly. If snow has started piling up, sweep it away carefully. Do not scrape it off though as you might inadvertently damage the dish itself. Never use water – hot or cold – to melt the ice or snow.

The Best Location for Your Satellite Dish
Here are a number of tips when it comes to choosing the ideal location for installing your satellite dish.

Always Face the South
Your satellite dish, that is. Use a compass if necessary. Any other direction will not give your satellite dish a straight and uninterrupted path to and fro the orbiting satellite.

Unobstructed View
You want to make sure that there are no physical obstructions blocking the path of your satellite dish. This includes trees, buildings, and billboards.

Easy Access
Installing your satellite dish at the highest point may not be a good idea if it’s going to give you a hard time checking the condition of your dish regularly.

Ultimately, if you want to minimize your concerns over the weather and installation procedure, consider availing the professional installation service offered by your ISP.

Broadband versus Satellite Internet
Admittedly, weather and equipment location affect satellite Internet far more than they do broadband Internet connection. But such problems are easily resolved with professional installation.

As such, choosing the right ISP gets down to two important things: speed and availability. In both cases, satellite ISPs like HughesNet win over broadband Internet companies like GlobalCom.


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