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Wimax Wireless Internet – Internet Connection of the Future

Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access or Wimax (IEEE name of 802.16) is an emerging technology that may soon pave the way for providing rural areas with faster and better access.

How Wimax Compares to Other Internet Connections
At present, people have five major ways of accessing the Internet. Dialup used to be the leading method of Internet connection but was gradually superseded by broadband access because the latter’s faster and more reliable. In terms of cost, broadband rates were also reasonable.

Two other ways to access the Internet involve wireless technology. WiFi access has a limited coverage while Evolution-Data Optimized (EVDO) networks are provided by mobile phones and laptops to access the Internet.

Finally, there’s satellite Internet. It requires a satellite dish and modem to be installed. Rates for satellite Internet are quite prohibitive, but it does offer Internet access even to areas where dial-up and broadband Internet isn’t available.

All these methods of Internet connection has its share of advantages and disadvantages – something that the developers of Wimax is keen to address.

Firstly, Wimax can offer high speed similar to what one can enjoy from broadband access. Secondly, Wimax employs wireless technology – a significant advantage for subscribers in rural areas because they need not wait for infrastructure development to be able to have Internet access in their home or office. Thirdly, Wimax offers broad coverage similar to what we enjoy from cellular networks; definitely, Wimax would not require users to search for scarce Wi-Fi spots just to go online.

Equipment for Wimax
At present, you would need two types of equipment for Wimax to work. Firstly, a Wimax base station must be installed. This is what a satellite dish is for satellite Internet. For Wimax, the base station is responsible for providing the requisite technology in a particular area.

The second requirement for Wimax would be an antenna and this must be installed at your home, office, or wherever it is you would require Internet access. Expect this to evolve as more people make use of Wimax. From antennas mounted outdoors, newer models that allow for indoor or portable installation may soon be offered.

Wimax Today
Wimax Forum is an industry consortium and this group is mainly responsible for the development of Wimax. In recent times, it was able to obtain financial backing from large companies like Google, Sprint, and Clearwire. Today, Wimax is only available today in highly commercialized areas and offered at extremely prohibitive rates.

For a more affordable connection, you would do well to choose between broadband and satellite Internet connection. GlobalCom has various subscription plans available if you wish for broadband Internet, but all these can only apply if the necessary cable infrastructure exists already in your area. If not, installation would not be possible. With satellite Internet from HughesNet, however, no waiting period is necessary. You merely have to contact the company and you’ll be online in no time at all.