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SatFi 2® Take it Now to Your Favorite Remote Location

Why do I Need It?

Until now, if you are one of the many travelers, adventures, off-gridders, or if you just happen to find yourself in an area with no cell phone coverage, there has been little hope of finding a way to access the internet. At least not at reasonable speeds or prices. Current MSS (Mobile Satellite Service) portable technology offerings are painfully slow. The Iridium satellite phone can connect to the internet about 2.4kbps (Kilo-bits per second) and Globalstar’s old network can handle about 9.6kbps. These tiny data rates are barely usable, except for simple text based emails at best. Don’t even think about trying to read your favorite online news page, let alone anything more data intensive. But don’t be too hard on these satellite operators. Keep in mind that the satellites that the MSS providers have been operating (Globalstar and Iridium for example) are in their second decade of operation! Old technology for sure. It is possible to use more bulky and expensive satellite equipment to achieve higher data rates. However these solutions do not lend themselves to being easily carried around, and equipment and usage fees can be extreme.

What we need are some new satellites, new ground infrastructure and new consumer devises to access the satellite network.

What’s the Solution?

Enter Globalstar. With a new constellation of satellites recently launched, new Earth Stations coming on line as we speak and new consumer devices being developed, users are on the cusp of a huge leap in capabilities. The launch of the new  Globalstar Satfi 2® product has been announced, and shipments are beginning immediately.  This product is revolutionary in the MSS product segment.

The Globalstar SATfi 2® works as a WIFI Hotspot, supporting up to eight smartphones simultaneously. An app is installed on the smartphones to access the Sat-Fi 2® functions. The connection is completed by a radio link from the Sat-Fi II® to the satellite and back down to the ground. The installed app allows users the capabilities of web browsing, email, 2-way texting, voice calls, data, weather updates and more. Apps are planned to be provided for Apple, Android smartphones and tablets that have Wi-Fi connectivity. The data rates available are up to 72kbps. This is up to 30 times faster than previously available from a MSS device!


The size of the Sat-Fi II® device is about 3” x 4.6” x 1”, and will fit in the palm of your hand.  It is also light weight, at only 12.6 oz. It is water resistant.  Each Sat-Fi 2® has its own USA based telephone number. An “S.O.S.” button provides a quick connection to the GEOS emergency response center. GEOS can then provide your GPS co-ordinates to the local response teams.

We at Globalcom are excited to see this new product. You can find it in our store now.


Service Plans

Receive UNLIMITED Voice & Data for $50/mo with the purchase of a Sat-Fi2 or Sat-Fi2 Remote Antenna, for a limited time only.

SatFi II Portable

SatFi II Remote Antenna