Acceleration Software for Increasing Data Transfer Speeds When Using Satellite Phones

One of the main issues regarding the use of satellite phones for data transfer is that the speed at which these data are processed is often less than ideal. In some cases, the delay may even be debilitating, particularly for users who require real-time data transfer and communications. Although satellite-based data transfer speeds are often decent enough, they’re nowhere near the broadband speed that many Internet users are accustomed to. Acceleration software, however, should do more for data speeds and allow satellite phone users to get more things done in a shorter period of time.

When data transfer speed is a problem
There are certain factors that affect the speed at which data is transferred from a source to a recipient. Some of these include limitations of the hardware in use, signal-to-noise ratio and throughput, which is dependent on bandwidth.

And of course, there’s the sheer distance that data has to travel from the requesting source to the satellite and back again. Very often, latency is the main culprit in issues users of satellite-based Internet connection find bothersome.

To fix problems associated with the speed of data transfer through satellite phones, many users and service providers have turned to acceleration software. This should fix the problem with slow data transfer by compressing files such as Web pages and texts and reducing the demand on bandwidth usage.

Data compression can also be combined with proprietary servers to speed up downloading and uploading of files. Web browsing and transfer of data should then be noticeably faster.

Acceleration software can also increase the average throughput several times, although the efficiency of data transfer still depends on the size of the file, terminal type and network usage. Installed client-side, acceleration software should work seamlessly with either Windows or Mac operating systems. Server-side, it should be able to offer even better data transfer speeds.