Can Hikers Really Benefit from Satellite Phone Rentals?

So you’re a hiker. Do you really need a satellite phone? Probably not — if your hiking activities don’t take you away from city limits or if you prefer to stay close to familiar grounds. But if you’re an adventurer who likes to explore and discover new terrain in remote areas, you will definitely need a satellite phone. If hiking is a passion and you prefer trails that take you higher and farther, then you will appreciate the benefits of satellite phone rentals.

How far will you go?
If you’re a regular hiker, your communication needs are probably met by your trusty cellphone. Today’s network coverage is that much wider compared to say, five or 10 years ago. Going out of the city limits for an hour’s worth of hiking will still give you the coverage you need.

Unfortunately, cellular networks do have their limits. You could simply lose signal in a matter of minutes by simply moving a few feet away. When you’re hiking, this doesn’t really provide you with the assurance that you are safe and that you can call for assistance any time you need to.

With a satellite phone rental, you can stay connected no matter how far your hiking activities take you. Just make sure you have a clear line of sight of the sky from the ground so you can make and receive calls from just about anywhere in the world. A satellite phone also doesn’t require you to spend a lot just to enjoy the benefits of satellite technology. Just rent a satellite phone for a day or a week and you can take advantage of all its functionalities.

At GlobalCom, we can offer you a satellite phone rental that fits your needs. By renting a satellite phone, you will be able to do a variety of things that usually require conventional infrastructure to perform, such as making and receiving calls, surfing the Internet or sending e-mails. Our rental service will let you do all that at an affordable cost and at no other accountability required from you.

So how far can you go? With a satellite phone rental from GlobalCom, you can go as far as you need to when you have to. For hikers like you, adventure doesn’t have limits and we at GlobalCom believe that as well.

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