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EVDO Wireless Networks – Are They for You?

Evolution-Data Optimized (EVDO) wireless networks are one of the lesser-known options of obtaining Internet access in rural areas. Like all other types of Internet connection, however, EVDO wireless networks come with its own set of pros and cons.

How It Works
EVDO wireless network can provide Internet connection via mobile phones and laptops. Theoretically speaking, connection speed may reach up to 3.1Mbps but at present, the fastest connection speed one can hope is usually pegged at 2Mbps. Normally, however, connection speed from EVDO wireless networks would be anywhere between 60 to 80Kbps – which is only marginally better than what’s offered by dialup Internet.

PRO: Convenience and Portability
EVDO wireless networks are mainly made use of through mobile devices like cellular phones and laptops – devices which one can literally hand-carry from one place to another without much difficulty. For cases where Internet access is suddenly and urgently required, EVDO wireless network is the best solution. With this kind of Internet access, it’s possible for you to go online anywhere anytime. This is where a satellite internet service like Hughesnet gives you more flexibility with it access to more remote areas..

PRO: Device Familiarity
True enough, some people may experience difficulties at the start when configuring network settings. But this shall only trouble you once and may be easily and quickly addressed by contacting your network’s customer service department.

As you are using your mobile phone or laptop or any other device that you are already familiar with, you will not have any problems as far as using the device goes. You would know which buttons to push and what to do in order to send emails or browse the Internet.

CON: Costs
In many cases, EVDO wireless Internet may cost more than other types of Internet connection when you consider the speed which you are able to make use of, the limitations you have to work with, and the overall rates you are charged with.

CON: Inappropriate for Heavy Use
EVDO wireless Internet is great for many things. They let you send emails in an instant, browse the Internet for your research needs, and update yourself with the latest news and reports. All the same, this type of connection isn’t perfect.

For one thing, if you are using a mobile phone, you will have a hard time creating and managing documents and multi-media files because of the inherent limits of cellular phones. No matter how functional they seem, they cannot compare to the capabilities of your PC.

In the end, it is what you need which should help you determine whether you could benefit from using EVDO wireless networks. If you require substantial work to be done online, this may not be the best Internet service provider for your needs. But if your requirements primarily consist of having Internet access for reading and sending emails as well as browsing, this could be the solution you have been waiting for.

Internet Options for Heavy Use
It would be ideal if you have another alternative for going online in cases where heavy use of the Internet is required. In such instances, you would do better with HughesNet. While ADSL companies is offered only at certain areas, satellite ISP HughesNet gives home and business users instant connectivity anywhere in continental United States.