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Customer Experience with the Spot Messenger

There has been no shortage of natural disasters lately around the world. Just in the United States alone, parts of the country have experienced everything from hurricanes to tornados to floods. Imagine how useful a Spot Satellite Messenger and Personal Tracker could have been to those caught up in one of these traumatic weather events.

For one customer in Arkansas, the Spot Personal Tracker let her communicate with her husband, a long distance truck driver, on the road during a recent spate of tornados. On his trip home, the husband was driving through Memphis when a tornado struck. He used the Check In feature on the Spot Satellite Messenger to let his wife know that he was in the area when the storms hit but that he made it through without injury or damage. Check In is a special button on the Spot Tracker that lets your contacts (family, friends, etc.) know where you are and that you are ok.

The Spot Tracker gives family and loved ones piece of mind. It allows you to not only check in, but should the worst happen and you get lost or injured, the Spot allows you to contact emergency personal or family and friends for help. The Spot Satellite Messenger and Personal Tracker provides GPS accuracy on your location within 20 feet. What’s more, it works in places cell phones don’t. Waterproof and shockproof, the Spot Satellite Messenger and Personal Tracker has a standby battery life of approximately 12 months. With 99.4 percent reliability, can you afford to be without the Spot Personal Tracker?