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Globalstar Express Data Service

Express Data will be able to emulate data speeds of up to 56Kbps.  The regular of data transfer without subscription to the Express Data service will be at the native speed of 9.6Kbps. All customers MUST subscribe to Express Data online before using the service. Once the customer registers for Express Data and downloads the software, the service includes as much data airtime usage as their price plan allows. Once the user has Express Data installed, they will be able to upload and download files, emails, and browse the Internet more quickly and efficiently.

Requirements for using Express Data Service

Globalstar GSP-1600 Handheld Phone or GSP-2900 Fixed Phone with version 5.2 or higher phone software version
Globalstar Data Kit or Globalstar Vehicle Kit
Express Data software (can be downloaded from the Globalstar website or the Data Kit Installation CD Version 1.2)
A Globalstar airtime price plan
Subscription to Express Data service (The software is a FREE download)

Computer Requirement

Pentium II, III, IV, Celeron 500Mhz or higher class machine
Minimally 64 MB of RAM and 200MB of free disk space
Operating systems: Windows® 98, Windows® Me, Windows® 2000, or Windows® XP or MAC OS 8 and higher

Frequently Asked Questions about the Express Data Service

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