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Iridium Network Quality Guarantee

“Effective immediately, Iridium has discontinued their service Guarantee. It is our experience that dropped calls are not uncommon on all satellite networks, including Iridium. This page is maintained for historical purposes only”

Iridium is the only satellite phone service provider on the market offering a promise of 100 percent satisfaction with Iridium service.

Iridium offers an unmatched record of reliability with a first time connection rate of 99%.  A Frost & Sullivan White Paper report published in 2007 states “Calls through the Iridium system are nearly three times more likely to be successfully connected and completed, without being dropped, than calls placed through the Globalstar network.”

Independent testing verifies that Iridium’s first time connection rate is better than 99%.  That is the reason why Iridium can offer a 100% satisfaction with your Iridium satellite phone service.  More information: Iridium 9505A Satellite Phone

When mission critical communications is necessary high reliability is needed.  When possible life and death situations arise why take the chance being without reliable communications.

The Iridium Network Quality Guarantee promises credits up to 100 minutes of airtime plus three months free subscription fees if the Iridium network fails to complete a properly initiated call from a new Iridium phone.  The improper use of the equipment will not be covered under the guarantee.  More information: Iridium Service Plans

Matt Desch, CEO and Chairman of Iridium stated, “Iridium is making this unprecedented offer to customers because we have the utmost confidence in the reliability of our network”.

The quality guarantee began, February 15, 2007.  Only new customers will qualify for the program.  If a customer is no satisfied with the service within the first 90 days of activation the customer can submit a claim through their Iridium service provider.  The service provider will determine if the problems are related to improper usage of the equipment or defective hardware which would be covered under the equipment warranty.

Reliable, Robust Satellite calls from Everywhere in the World

Not only is Iridium offering the only service guarantee in the industry they offer the “only” satellite phone with total planetary coverage including all land masses and oceans.  The Iridium constellation of cross linked low earth orbiting satellites give multiple layers of redundancy ensuring reliability.  Calls are handed off from one Iridium satellite to another till it is downloaded to one of Iridium ground stations where it is then passed to the public switched telephone system.  For more about how the Iridium system works go to
To ensure quality of service Iridium is already making plans for its next generation satellite constellation called “Iridium NEXT”.  Iridium continues to invest in service quality enhancements to the existing Iridium network.  A new telemetry, tracking and command control station as recently been opened in Fairbanks, AK.  Iridium will be opening a similar facility in Svalbard, Norway.  These new stations will provide additional redundancy for the Iridium network.