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High Speed HughesNet Satellite Internet Installation

  Standard installation is included for each HughesNet Satellite Internet service plan.  After placing your order, a HughesNet certified installer will contact you.  They will schedule your installation.  The installer will arrive on the scheduled date with all the equipment to fully get your HughesNet service connected.

The Federal Communications Commission requires only trained HughesNet certified installers may install the HughesNet system.

 INCLUDED with Standard Install  NOT INCLUDED with Standard Install
 Mount the dish to an approved structure at least five feet off the ground as required by FCC regulations, using HUGHES standard roof, and/or wall mounting brackets.
Mount to a one-story surface.
 Complex/custom installations that may result in additional fees.

  • Make sure you discuss any custom work with your installer before they begin the job.
 Install a coaxial cable jack in the room where the HughesNet Satellite Internet System will be located.
Route two exterior RG-6 coaxial cables (each up to 100 feet in length) from the dish into the house, and to the coaxial cable jack.
 Custom work including, but not limited to:

  • Moldings or cosmetic hardware to help hide cables
  • Non-penetrating roof, pole, or chimney mounts
 Provide and install the hardware required to properly ground your HughesNet System.  Removal and/or repair of previously mounted equipment (a signed Waiver of Liability must be included to perform this work).
 Install the HughesNet Satellite Internet modem and connect it to your PC.  Mounting to a roof surface that exceeds one story in height.
 Verify receipt of satellite signal.
Commission your HughesNet account.
 Non-penetrating roof mount, pole mount, or chimney mount.


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