Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone Released

Iridium has just introduced to their line of rugged, reliable products, its smallest and most innovative hand-held satellite phone; the New Iridium 9555 Hand-Held Portable Satellite Phone.

Natural or man-made disasters can leave landline, cellular or radio communications non-existent when towers or telecommunications are “knocked out”.  Iridium’s fully meshed network uses the largest commercial satellite constellation in the world which consists of 66 low-earth orbiting cross-linked satellites with in-orbit spares.  Iridium is the only provider of truly global satellite voice and data communications with complete coverage of the entire earth including airways, oceans and Polar Regions is Iridium.

Don’t you deserve a satellite phone that works everywhere?  Without exception?  Even in the most remote and harshest environments? The New Iridium 9555 is the answer!

The 9555’s new sleek, lightweight, and compact hand-friendly handset design makes it closer in size to the traditional cell phone. This is idyllic for streamlined portability where space may be at a premium as with emergency personnel, pilots, boaters, hikers, skiers, vacationers, and many more. Customers in remote environments from open seas to dense jungles and rugged mountains will take comfort in knowing they have the most reliable hand-held satellite phone when they need it – and it works everywhere, without exception!

The Iridium 9555 is 27% lighter at 9.4 oz., and 30% smaller at 5.6”L x  2.2”W x 1.2”D than its Iridium 9505A Handset at 13.2 oz., and 6.2”L x 2.4”W x 2.3”D size.  It also sports an Upgraded Mini-USB Data Port that replaces the need for a modem as is used with the Iridium 9505A.
Additional key features of the New Iridium 9555 include:

  •     Internally retractable antenna for compact carrying (new feature)
  •     Headset and hands-free capability
  •     Built-in help function
  •     Water, shock and dust resistance for unsurpassed     durability
  •     Menu configurable in any of 21 languages
  •     200 character illuminated graphic display
  •     Volume, signal and battery strength meters
  •     Illuminated weather-resistant keypad redesigned for     ease-of-use
  •     Integrated speakerphone
  •     Quick-connect to Iridium voicemail
  •     Programmable international codes for automatic dialing
  •     Enhanced functionality for improved integration of     messaging (short email and two-way SMS)
  •     Mailbox for voice, numeric and text messages
  •     Selectable ring and alert tones (8 choices)
  •     100 entry internal address book with capacity for     multiple phone numbers, email addresses and notes
  •     SIM-based address book with 155 entry capacity
  •     Call history preserves received, missed and dialed calls
  •     User-configurable call timers to manage costs
  •     Keypad lock and PIN lock for additional security
  •     Standby time up to 30 hours
  •     Talk time up to 4 hours

The accessories available with the New Iridium 9555 are: AC Charger, International Plug Kit, DC Travel Charger, Hands-free Headset, Holster, Auxiliary Antenna, Auxiliary Antenna Adapter, and Quick Start Guide

IRIDIUM 9555 Satellite Phone

9555 User Guide

Iridium Quick Start Guide