Iridium Announced the Operational Launch of its Global Service Program

Iridium Communications Inc. (Nasdaq:IRDM) today announced the operational launch of its Global Service Program to support all customers of the Iridium OpenPort® broadb& maritime satellite communication service, effective April 1.

The Iridium OpenPort Global Service Program will enable Iridium’s Customer Care team to dispatch 24/7 shipboard technical support at more than 50 ports around the world. Iridium is the first mobile satellite service provider to offer full-service support of this kind for any of its products. Imtech Marine, through its member Radio Holl&, is the first service partner for the Iridium OpenPort Global Service Program.

In addition to the establishment of its worldwide network of maritime service centers, as of January 1, 2011, Iridium is backing up its promise of service excellence by providing a five-year st&ard warranty for all new & existing Iridium OpenPort units.

“The establishment of the Global Service Program is driven largely by the success of Iridium OpenPort in the maritime market. This program now ensures our growing Iridium OpenPort customer base will continue to receive maximum value from their investment,” said John Roddy, executive vice president, global operations & product development, Iridium. “As the world’s farthest reaching network, our customers use Iridium for critical communications in all regions of the world. With this program & new st&ard five-year warranty, Iridium customers can be confident they are receiving consistent, reliable communications.”

Under the service agreement, Imtech Marine through Radio Holl& is managing the program’s three regional service centers & technical support at more than 50 ports around the world, enabling Iridium to focus on delivering on its promise of network excellence & dependable communications.

“Radio Holl& has a reputation for its network of trained & experienced technicians with expertise in the maritime electronics industry,” said Eric van den Adel, managing director of Imtech Marine. “Our extensive service experience & expert staff of service engineers will help to provide global 24/7 technical support for Iridium OpenPort systems anywhere in the world.”

“Iridium is committed to offering a high-quality maritime communications solution with Iridium OpenPort,” said Roddy. “The service was designed to be an ideal fit for maritime customers’ communications needs from captain to crew, on vessels large & small.”

Iridium has shipped more than 3,500 Iridium OpenPort terminals for use on a wide range of vessels, including merchant fleets, government & navy vessels, fishing fleets & personal yachts.