Iridium PTT Service Plans

Device Fees

Seasonal Annual Middle East
Access Fee (Per Device) $129/ Month $90/ Month $142/ Month
Commitment Period 3 Months 12 Months 1 Month
Iridium PTT Calls Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Early Termination $150 $300 $300


Talk Group Options

Seasonal Annual Middle East
Small (100,000 km2) $80/ Month $80/ Month $468/ Month
Medium (300,000 km2) $90/ Month $90/ Month $875/ Month
Large (750,000 km2) $537/ Month $537/ Month $2156/ Month
X-Large(1,500,000 km2) $1254/ Month $1254/ Month $5031/ Month
Jumbo (2,250,000 km2) $2865/ Month $2865/ Month $11500/ Month


Voice Services (Optional) **

Global North America Middle East
Access Fee (Per Device) $29/ Month $19/ Month $49/ Month
Outbound Calls to Iridium Device $0.89/ Minute $0.89/ Minute $0.89/ Minute
Outbound Calls to Other Devices $0.89/ Minute $0.89/ Minute $0.89/ Minute
Inbound Calls Free Free Free
Outbound Texts $0.10/ Message $0.10/ Message $0.10/ Message
Inbound Texts Free Free Free
Unlimited Iridium to Iridium Calling Add-On $29/ Month $29/ Month $29/ Month

* All new service activations are subject to a $50 activation fee.
** Note: Voice service to cell phones, landlines, non-PTT Iridium phones are not supported on the Icom IC-100. Non-PTT voice calls are only supported on the Iridium 9575 Extreme PTT.

Iridium PTT Command Center

Device and Talk Group management is provided directly to users via the Iridium PTT Command Center portal.

The Iridium Push-to-Talk (PTT) command center represents a pinnacle in centralized control and coordination for communication networks. This cutting-edge platform empowers administrators and supervisors with real-time oversight, enabling them to manage, monitor, and optimize communication channels seamlessly. With advanced features like GPS tracking, status monitoring, and dynamic group management, the Iridium PTT command center fosters efficient collaboration, enhances situational awareness, and ensures swift decision-making in diverse and challenging operational environments. It’s a centralized hub that elevates the efficiency and effectiveness of Iridium PTT deployments, delivering unparalleled control and responsiveness to meet the demands of modern communication needs.

Iridium PTT Talk Group Sizes and Distribution Examples