Keeping Journalists Covering Wars Safer with Satellite Phones Rentals

Other than his cameraman, his contacts and his wits, there’s one tool that no reporter can do without: a reliable phone. A phone is simply an indispensable tool, particularly for journalists covering wars. It doesn’t matter whether he’s covering a historic coup d’etat or running after a deposed dictator or braving the battle lines with the troops; a journalist can always feel safer – and more efficient – with a satellite phone.

Advantages of satellite phones
Satellite phones rentals are quite possibly the most important wireless gadget that a journalist can bring, particularly in areas where conflict is present. Satellite phones are significantly more reliable than other types of communication such as land-based telephones and even cellular phones.

The major drawback in land-based telephones and cellular phones is that these rely on physical infrastructures in order to send and receive signals. Satellite phones do not. Satellite phones only require a clear line of sight from a land surface in order to transmit and receive calls. And for journalists covering wars, this is a function that is not just more reliable and effective, it’s also safer.

In war-torn areas, facilities such as telephones, Internet and cellular networks are likely to be shut down or worse, destroyed. With no reliable means of communication, a journalist will not be able to make and transmit a news report, call for assistance or even ask for help.

With satellite phone rentals, journalists covering wars don’t have to be helpless. The functionality of a satellite phone can help minimize the risk to the journalist’s life and wellbeing.

By simply renting a satellite phone, a journalist will be able to get in touch with any home, office or establishment regardless of its location. The sound quality of satellite phones will also allow journalists to transmit high quality audio, a requirement for effective, real-time news reporting.

Satellite phone rentals
Satellite phone units are still quite costly but we at Globalcom can provide a solution for you: satellite phone rentals. Rent a satellite phone whenever you’re out on an important assignment or traveling to an out-of-the-way location. Rent a satellite phone when your news assignment requires you to head out to areas where traditional means of communication have broken down or are simply unavailable. Choose a phone unit for the functionality you require and be assured knowing that you will be safe and able to communicate wherever you are.

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