Satellite Phone Rentals: The Perfect Choice for Volunteer Doctors Going Out of the Country Often

Majority of volunteer doctors go out of the country often. It’s a calling that these professionals say they find exciting and fulfilling. One of the most important tools that volunteer doctors should never leave home without is the satellite phone. Volunteer doctors are often called to a medical mission in various locations, so it is not uncommon that they find themselves flying overseas, caring for the sick and wounded in remote areas and poor communities.

Most of the time, these communities don’t even have the most basic facilities that could aid in ensuring fast communication and transport. Making a simple long distance call, for example, may even prove impossible if you’re located in an isolated island several miles from the mainland or if you’re stuck in a small town several hundred miles from the capital city. Forget about getting a decent signal; there are many areas on the planet with no cellphone network coverage, making volunteer work for doctors not just difficult but also dangerous.

With a satellite phone rental, volunteer doctors going out of the country often will be able to rely on constant coverage. Since satellite phones do not need the conventional infrastructures that cellphones and land-based telephones require, they can be used to make and receive calls from virtually any ground surface.

This makes the satellite phone the best tool to handle important calls and medical emergencies, something that volunteer doctors are often faced with. Satellite phones make use of satellite networks to send signals back and forth, allowing the user to contact a landline, a cellphone or even another satellite phone.

Why rent?
Although satellite telecoms technology now covers over 100 countries, the cost of the unit and upkeep is still high. Buying a unit is not always the preferred option for many. Renting a satellite phone is still the best option for many volunteer doctors who frequently go out of the country because it offers them all the benefits of the technology without requiring them to shoulder the cost. At GlobalCom, you can rent a satellite phone for a specific number of days, weeks or months and still use the features included in the package. Choose from several different phone units and three major providers to serve your needs. If you’re a volunteer doctor, chances are you will be handling an emergency. You should be using a phone that is up to the task.

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