The Advantage of Satellite Phone Rentals:

A major advantage of renting a satellite phone is having the ability to stay in touch when you are traveling outside of cellular range. Whether you are fishing in Canada, on a Safari in Africa, or hiking in Utah, a satellite phone rental unit can keep you in touch no matter where you intend to travel. When renting a satellite phone, you have the benefit of a simple short term commitment. A satellite phone rental for a week or month is an excellent solution for communication with your office, family, or friends. When you rent a Globalstar or Iridium satellite phone from GlobalCom Satellite Communications, you may be assured there are no hidden fees that other companies may charge. GlobalCom does not charge a minimum usage or activation fee on satellite phone rentals. You have the confidence of always being able to reach certified help in case of an emergency when far away from assistance. We have had customers in the past that have rented a satellite phone and ended up in emergency situations where the phone may have possibly saved their life. The low cost of renting a phone is an inexpensive insurance policy when once life could be in danger.

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