Beam RST625 Iridium Mobile In-Vehicle/Storm Kit


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The RST625 is the hard case version of the RST-620. It is a complete hands-free satellite telephone system built right into a weatherproof hard case for use in vehicle or in remote locations.

The RST-625 Storm kit comes complete with an Intelligent Handset for voice calls as well as utilizing the Iridium SMS service. The handset is compact and includes an inbuilt ring alert as well as providing for private conversations in place of hands-free mode.

The RST625 terminal supports a 10-32V DC power input and the terminal is capable of being wired to an auxiliary/accessory power supply as well as constant power.

Specifications: Power input voltage 11 – 32 V, DC Dimensions – mm 462×340.6×170, Power Consumption ( AMPS ) 12 V DC 24 V DC, Dimensions – 18.1″x13.3″x6.7″, Stand-by – inc handset 0.33 0.14, Weight – kg 5kg, Transmit – inc handset 0.63 0.23, Weight – lbs 11.02, L-Band transceiver frequency 1616 – 1625 MHz, Intersatellite Links 23.18-23.38 GHz, Ka-band Compressed Data 2.4 kbps Ground Segment Links Voice / data modulation 10 – 12 kbps Downlinks 19.4-19.6 GHz, Ka-band Uplinks 29.1-29.3 GHz, Ka-band

Includes: Satellite Transceiver, hands-Free Interface,10-32V DC Supply/cigarette lighter adapter, Intelligent Handset, Speaker, microphone, Magnetic low profile antenna.

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