Safe in the Slopes: Why Skiers Need Satellite Phone Rentals

There is a reason why people in some countries get billed for rescue services performed in restricted, out of bounds areas: rescuers also risk their lives in the effort to find and assist them. Unfortunately, remote snowy areas in the mountains are quite attractive to a lot of adventurous skiers and snowboarders. If there’s one other tool that skiers should bring other than their equipment and their common sense, it’s the satellite phone rental. A satellite phone can go where no cellphone can.

The importance of satellite phones for skiers
Satellite phones, unlike landlines and mobile phones, do not depend on surface facilities like telephone lines and cellular towers. This is a very important feature for skiers, who frequently find themselves in areas where cellular phone coverage is intermittent at best. The lack of a reliable mode of communication can be problematic should they require immediate assistance if they get lost, suffer from an injury or need medical attention.

With a satellite phone, skiers do not need to worry about difficult coverage in remote areas. In fact, many ski training schools and instructors recommend the use of satellite phones to ensure that skiers are safe and have a reliable access to a phone. Satellite phones are a must-have for experienced skiers who want to explore new trails and go farther than their usual routes. Ski instructors should also carry them to ensure that their trainees are safe and that they could call for help right away should someone get lost or injured.

Satellite phones are also very useful gadgets for overexcited newbies who could sometimes get reckless down the slope. Nothing can be as reassuring as a phone that can keep you connected, regardless of where you might be.

Of course, cost can be an issue with satellite phones due to the technology required to make them work. Fortunately, skiers can still turn to satellite phone rentals. At GlobalCom, you can rent a satellite phone with a brand and model of your choice. You can take your pick from the major service providers so you can take advantage of features and services that fit your current needs. By renting a satellite phone, you can be confident that help and assistance is just one phone call away, even if you’re stuck midway up the mountain.

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