Satellite Phones and Uploading Images to a Website

Having a satellite phone can be an advantage if you are in a remote location and have no access to other means of communication. If you are a journalist, for instance, you may need a satellite phone in order to send articles to your headquarters, especially if you are reporting from a war-torn area and need to report constantly on the latest developments. If you are a traveler and a blogger at the same time, you may also need a satellite phone if you are working from a remote location and you need to send out entries to your blog. Even businesspersons need a satellite phone if they are working from a place that has no mobile phone signal or Internet connection: they need to send documents and files that can help them seal business deals.

However, satellite phones are not built for great speed, and you might have a hard time uploading that document, file, article, or blog entry. In fact, if you need to upload images, you may have to wait a longer while. This is because the connection of many satellite phones to the Internet can be unbearably slow, and if you are going to send off pictures to accompany your articles, files, or blog entries, then you may have a hard time doing so. One solution would be to send only small pictures. However, if you must send larger pictures, then you may have to look for an Internet connection to augment the current connection that you have.

For more information on how your satellite phone will be able to handle large data transfers, talk to your satellite phone service. There may be upgrades in the future that will allow you to send larger files and receive them. As technology advances, moreover, you can be sure that you can get better deals on your satellite phone service.