SCADA Equipment and Services from Globalcom

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) applications are generally used to manage, monitor and control assets or processes and transfer data to a group of widespread recipients, for example in the energy or oil and gas sectors. To guarantee constant data flow, these industries require a solid communications platform. Nevertheless, there are often located in areas with a limited communications infrastructure. Bi-directional satellite technology provides a cost effective communication alternative allowing to set up SCADA networks also in remote areas and hard to reach locations.


Based on its ASTRA2Connect technology, a completely satellite-based broadband service platform, ASTRA Broadband Services has recently developed a highly reliable and low-cost professional solution for industry customers to implement their SCADA applications. Thanks to the satellite connection, companies are able to use alternative M2M (machine-to-machine) communication platforms to control and transfer their data even in regions without terrestrial broadband networks. The new service provides a highly reliable and cost efficient communication link for end customers without them having to invest highly in broadband infrastructures.

Service Features:

  • Bi-directional satellite connection
  • Flat fee & always – on service
  • Symmetric or asymmetric connection with speeds adjusted to the Customer’s demand and supported applications
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • European coverage
  • Connection to the IP backbone
  • 2nd level technical support
  • Optional VOIP services


  • Enhanced and robust two-way satellite dish – 80 cm
  • Interactive iLNB
  • Satellite modem

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