Spelunkers Need Satellite Phone Rentals for a Safer and More Enjoyable Trip

Spelunking can be an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding interest, offering plenty of opportunities for discovery and adventure. But when you’re deep in exploration, oftentimes the best assurance of safety is a reliable phone that will keep you in touch with your group, your family and friends. If you’re a spelunker, you will need a satellite phone for every one of those trips you take, whether on your own or with a team.

Why a satellite phone rental?
Unlike cellphones and land-based telephones, satellite phones work by sending and receiving signals using a satellite network. Once the signal is sent, the satellite bounces this to a station which then travels to a PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network or a cellular network.

This is an excellent technology that spelunkers need. Satellite phones operate in most remote locations, allowing you more freedom and flexibility to explore and discover. Why let limited technology hold you back when you can go farther with satellite phones?

What’s the best satellite phone option for a spelunker?
The best option for a spelunker is a satellite phone rental. By renting a satellite phone, you will be able to avoid the expenses that normally come with the purchase of a phone unit. You also do not have to pay for monthly charges. If you rent a satellite phone, you simply have to pay a fee for usage, plus you get to enjoy the features of a great technology at a low cost.

Another important option that spelunkers should consider is a satellite phone that uses an external antenna. Most satellite phones require the user to have a clear line of sight to a satellite, something that may prove confusing to some. This will also prove inconvenient, particularly when you’re several feet below earth surface.

Renting a satellite phone that can be connected to an external antenna will allow you to explore deeper and farther without worrying that your phone will lose its line of sight with the satellite network. You can either rent a satellite phone with a non-directional antenna or one that works with geo-stationary satellites. Either way, you are connected whenever and wherever you need to be. At GlobalCom, we can provide you with satellite phone rental solutions that will meet your needs.

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