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New Tool in Hurricane Preparedness

Do you live in a hurricane zone?  We are proud to announce the SPOT Satellite Messenger will be available beginning November 1, 2007.

This new device is an economical answer to disaster preparedness.   Satellite phones can be expensive to purchase and to upkeep.  The SPOT Satellite Messenger will be introduced at a low $149.99 with limited messaging service starting at $99.99 a year.  This is a great answer for people who want and need something to contact help or friends and family in the event of an emergency and do not want to spend thousands of dollars doing it.  SPOT has the capability of alerting your friends and family that you are OK or that you need some type of help.  This is a great tool when the power lines and cell towers are down.  SPOT can even alert 911 if you are in a life threatening situation.

SPOT only has one way communication so if the HELP or 911 buttons is pressed YOU must be the one to cancel the action.  The HELP key is for non life threatening emergencies.  Your friends or family are responsible for sending your help.  When the 911 button is pressed an international 911 call center takes the call.  GEOS emergency response services are the providers of this function.  

Here is how it works.  If you are in a life threatening situation you will press and hold the 911 button for 3 seconds.  This activates the service and will alert GEOS that you need help immediately.  They will try to get in touch with your first and second contact to establish that help is needed.  Your longitude and latitude is obtained through Google Maps™.  If your contacts do not answer the phone or if the second message comes through GEOS will alert the proper authorities to your location.  SPOT is accurate within a 20 ft radius.  If the 911 button is pressed GEOS is alerted.

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