Understanding How Satellites Work

In the past, satellites were viewed as hi-tech devices that were only used for top secret missions. This is mainly because they were primarily utilized by the military for navigation and yes, espionage. These days, however, satellites play a very important role in many people’s lives. They are used for obtaining weather reports, transmitting television signals by the DISH Network and DIRECTV and for exchanging telephone calls. Satellites have become such a huge part of our lives that most of the time, we often ignore their many functions and benefits. To illustrate, here are just some of the things that satellites have allowed us to do:

– Magazines and newspapers can produce content more quickly by simply transmitting data to several printing sites using a satellite. This makes local distribution of materials to be more efficient.
– Cable television companies can send signals and distribute transmissions to the homes of their subscribers.
– Drivers can utilize Global Positioning System or GPS to find the correct routes to their destinations.
– Trucking firms can track the location of delivery vehicles through GPS to determine where and when goods will reach distribution and retail chains, making the processing of goods and services safer and more efficient. A GPS system can even be utilized to determine if a vehicle is headed in the right direction and how fast it is going.
– Distress signals may be sent by an aircraft or a ship by using emergency radio beacons to send signals to search-and-rescue teams.

In these series of articles, find out more about satellites, what they are designed to do and how they really work. Find out more about what goes on inside, discover about the different types of orbits and how the main purpose of a satellite determines the kind of orbit it has. You could even learn how to find and track a real satellite on your own!

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