Satellite Phones

Globalcom is the leader in satellite phone products and accessories. With over 20 years of experience we ensure the best products and support on the planet.

Featured Iridium Phones

Iridium provides satellite phone coverage virtually anywhere on the planet including the oceans. The Iridium satellite phone service is simply and straight forward with flat per minute rates as low as .99 cents per minute from anywhere to virtually everywhere on the planet. Free incoming calls and text messaging.

Featured Globalstar Phones

Globalstar satellite phones provides the latest satellite phone technology with low equipment cost; best call clarity and service rates in the industry. NOTE: Globalstar has recently launched a completely new satellite constellation. Globalstar is back!

Featured Inmarsat Phones

Inmarsat’s newest product, the Isatphone Pro satellite phone provides world coverage of voice and data over the I4 satellite network. The Isatphone Pro includes a modern color LCD screen and built in GPS. Reporting of your GPS position by email or Text message can be accomplished in seconds.