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VSAT Systems Broadband Internet Technology

Satellite internet access is best for people who have no access to other means of getting online. This internet access method is based on satellite communication, which is, at its core, complex. However, knowledge of how satellite communication works, and how it can be used for Internet access, can make satellite internet access a breeze.

Globalcom VSAT satellite internet systems provides such service. Here are a few features of Globalcom VSAT systems.

Globalcom VSAT systems is a top expert in satellite technology, and bases its technology and infrastructure on satellite technology itself, not simply television broadcast. Globalcom VSAT systems also deals with the latency problem faced by other satellite internet systems. It uses the best TCP/IP acceleration technology on the market in order to prevent performance degradation over the satellite connection.

TCP works by sending out data packets, then waiting for acknowledgment that the data packets have been received. Once these acknowledgments are received, then the sender is signaled to transmit even more data. If the acknowledgment returns slowly, then TCP will slow the speed at which it sends data. This way, a network is not overloaded. This system is best for terrestrial networks, where data packets travel only short distances – versus satellite communication, where data must travel over large distances.

Globalcom VSAT satellite internet systems accelerate the way TCP works by employing TCP Spoofing. Instead of going through long distances, data goes through high technology protocol processors, switches, and routers, all of which are custom-built to work with satellite technology. The equipment acts as a go-between so that data does not travel as far, and data packets travel faster. This advanced technology makes for easier, smoother communication over satellite channels.

Globalcom VSAT satellite internet systems also use dynamic transmit (Tx) power control technolog on its modems. This makes sure that the satellite dish responds appropriately to changes in weather conditions so that you do not lose your connection even when the big storms come. Globalcom VSAT systems also has its own broadband satellite internet modem, which it updates and upgrades, saving you the time and effort to do so.

Globalcom VSAT systems also employs 3DES encryption, which is more secure than non-satellite internet connections. Lastly, Globalcom VSAT systems also practices an enforced Quality of Service (QoS) that enables customers to control their own networks. Resources are maximized for all users, and bandwidth is assigned specifically to meet your unique needs.

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