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Indoor Equipment You Need to Access Satellite Internet

More people are finding satellite internet useful and practical. Satellite internet works out in the country, in remote areas, and other places not accessible by cable lines or wires. However, like any other internet access system, satellite internet also has its own requirements in terms of equipment that you need to use.

Globalcom VSAT Satellite Internet systems are one such company that provide internet access services. When using Globalcom VSAT systems, you will need some indoor equipment to access the Internet. The equipment provided by Globalcom VSAT systems is tailor made for satellite internet access, and can work in a wide variety of scenarios for all the various customer types that require internet access.

A satellite modem and router are needed in order for users to access the Internet. Globalcom VSAT Satellite internet systems iDirect modems can work for both networks or individual sites. The iDirect 3100 remote satellite modem is best suited for internet access needs of government agencies, residential users, and businesspersons. In a single box, you can meet all your networking needs and receive broadband access of up to 4.2 Mbps upstream and 18 Mbps downstream.

The iDirect 3100 remote satellite modem weighs only a little over 3 kg, and operates over a wide temperature range. This can make it resistant to various climates and weather changes. Globalcom VSAT Satellite internet systems also offer modem options in the iDirect 5000 and 7000 series, depending on the end users’ needs.

In order to maintain high performance while working over a satellite link, you can also be provided with Bandit II. This VPN solution can encrypt data while accelerating IP packets. This way, you have no performance degradation problems. Bandit II supports a wide variety of encryption methods and can switch across methods, so that Globalcom VSAT Satellite internet systems can offer both off-net and end-to-end on-net VPN solutions.

These are two of the major pieces of equipment that you will need in order to access the Internet through Globalcom VSAT Satellite internet systems. With the world becoming smaller and smaller, you can bet that you will need to access the internet constantly in order to keep up. Whether you are using the World Wide Web to catch up with friends on a social network, or do research for a paper, you can be sure that satellite internet is a good option for you.

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