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The Reach of VSAT Satellite Internet Systems

More and more people are taking advantage of satellite internet in order to log on to the World Wide Web. There are people who live in isolated areas, or who are in places that cannot be reached by broadband terrestrial internet services. Satellite internet is a good option for this part of the market, since it relies on satellites that orbit around the earth, and which can beam back information regardless of location on the planet.

Globalcom VSAT systems is one such satellite internet provider. It can reach even isolated regions in North America, South America, and the Caribbean. Globalcom VSAT Satellite Internet systems make use of G-28 and T11N, two premier geostationary satellites over the western hemisphere. The company constantly adds even more new services and capabilities, and as more people subscribe, Globalcom VSAT systems will add even more satellites.

The G-28 satellite provides satellite internet coverage across the Americas. With 92 transponders at a total end-of-life power of 16kW, this satellite allows Globalcom VSAT Satellite Internet systems to provide service on the Ku band for subscribers in North and South America. Globalcom VSAT systems uses the North America beam to provide high-end satellite Internet services for its subscribers in the region. For many locations on the continent, a 1.2 m satellite dish is enough to receive satellite Internet access.

The Telstar 11N, or T11N satellite, is equipped exclusively with Ku-band transponders. This satellite allows for Internet coverage in North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and regions in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. The T11N is positioned at the ideal location for coverage in Central America and the Caribbean.

The use of the Ku band allows for subscribers to rely on a smaller antenna in order to receive Internet access. The Ku band operates at higher frequencies than the C band that is used by other satellite operators. This means that the beam is more focused and can deliver internet access best to covered locations even when the weather goes bad.

Internet access is something that all people will need in the near future, and satellite internet coverage is one way to meet people’s needs. If you want to offer satellite internet service, you can discuss options with Globalcom VSAT systems.

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