What You Have to Know about Battery Longevity of Satellite Phones

Satellite phones are what you need if you’re going to remote locations and you’d like to stay in contact with the rest of the world. Unlike mobile phones, satellite phones or “satphones” use orbiting satellites to provide a connection for their users.

Battery Longevity
The battery power of satellite phones depends on various factors.

The type of network used by your satellite phone service provider contributes to battery longevity. Satellite phones use two kinds of networks: low earth orbit or LEO and geosynchronous services. Geosynchronous services offer greater bandwidth but shorter battery power compared to what’s offered by LEO.

There are currently two companies, Iridium and GlobalStar, that are offering satellite phone services and which are powered by LEO. Generally speaking, a LEO-powered satellite phone with a high capacity battery can last as much as thirty hours in standby mode. As far as talk time is concerned, however, the same phone with the same specifications and capacity can last as long as 3.2 hours.

Location also matters. A car, for instance, would have a longer-lasting battery if it’s not constantly exhausted, and the same goes for batteries of satellite phones. Your phone battery expands greater energy if your location is remote and your phone is hard pressed to find, much less maintain, a signal.

Proper Maintenance
Satellite phones obviously won’t do you good if their batteries don’t last long. Battery life can be preserved, if not lengthened, with proper care. Caring for your satellite phone batteries requires basically the same things you’d do to take care of your mobile phone’s battery.

Be Ready
Naturally, it helps to have your power supply with you at all times. If you wish to stay connected, it would be good to invest in portable chargers and perhaps an extra battery as well. You never know when a phone call can save your life!