3 Reasons Why Business Trips are Better when Renting Satellite Phones

One of the most basic challenges of a business trip is communication. Maintaining a connection with your colleagues, the main office, plant, factory or any of your business entity’s branches can test your initiative, creativity and even patience. This is especially true if a business trip involves traveling to a remote location or someplace where the most basic amenities are hard to come by. Why lose a potentially lucrative deal when there is a way for you to use a reliable means of communication using a satellite phone? Here are the top 3 reasons why business trips are better with satellite phone rentals:

You can connect to any number anywhere in the world.
A satellite phone relies on satellite technology to connect your phone with another line. This means it will work whether you are calling a land-based number or a cellphone number. Since majority of business deals require quick resolutions and on-the-spot decisionmaking, you do not need to waste your time looking for a telephone booth or a strong cellphone signal in order to call your office a thousand miles away. With a satellite phone, you can easily request for much-needed information, clarify a proposal or confirm an order. This, regardless of whether you’re in the jungles of Vietnam, on top of a mountain in Tibet or in the Australian outback.

Wireless technology frees you.
Business trips are made that much better by the wireless technology provided by satellite phones. You do not need conventional structures that are associated with land-based technology so you do not rely on the physical limits set by landlines or even cellular networks. Renting a satellite phone will let you do business in the most unconventional manner. Rent a satellite phone and you can go out to the desert or take a boat and sign a contract in the middle of the ocean or ski down the mountain just to meet a client and close a deal.

Satellite phones offer consistent service.
At Globalcom, we understand the urgency of business deals and the lightning-fast decision making they require. That is why we recommend satellite phone rentals for business trips that demand not only your expertise but also your experience. You don’t have to work within limits set by conventional technologies; a satellite phone is a reliable tool that will give you flexibility that you otherwise will not be able to enjoy. Next time you consider going on a business trip, consider bringing a satellite phone with you.

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