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SPOT Satellite Tracker is a GREAT Resource for Divers

Do you like to dive?  There are many people around the world who dive for recreation.  There are also a great number of people who dive for a living.  If you dive Globalcom Satellite Communications has a wonderful resource for you.  The SPOT Satellite Messenger is now available.

SPOT is a messaging GPS system that allows the user to check in with family, call for help from family, or call for emergency help.  This tool is an essential life line when there are no lines of communication.  Have you ever seen the movie Open Water?   This “true story” is about a guy and a girl who go on vacation.  They decide to go diving. This couple finds a tour boat.  They think that they are just enjoying vacation and about to experience a wonderful time.  So they have a great dive and see all kinds of wonderful life, but when they come up their boat is gone.  The person in charge had miscounted heads when making sure that everyone was on the boat.  At first they are okay.  They try to signal anybody but no one sees them.  After being out in the sun with no food or water and thinking that it could not be worse, the sharks came.  The sharks taunt them at first.  They would just bump or nibble at them.  As the day turns into night the sharks are braver and finally the boyfriend disappears into the dark ocean.  In the end, the girlfriend is taken by the sharks also.  The captain of the boat realizes much too late that there was two people’s things still on the boat and that they didn’t return.  If this couple would have had a SPOT satellite messenger they could have called for help not only from their family but by pressing the 911 button they would have had the GEOS emergency call center activate a search and rescue mission.  This could have saved their lives. Emergency personnel would have been activated and the SPOT would have given GPS coordinates that are accurate within a 20 foot radius.  The SPOT satellite tracker is waterproof down to 20 feet and it is small enough to fit into a waterproof case to take on dives.  This is a life saver in these types of situations.  Being left behind on a diving exhibition doesn’t happen often but it could happen to you.  Not only could this save your life if left behind but it also is a great way to keep up with where you dive.

SPOT is now being offered for the great price of $149.99.  This affordable unit has service plans available starting at $99.99 per year for unlimited messaging.  The tracking feature is $149.99 which includes the unlimited messaging also.  SPOT Satellite Messenger has a rugged waterproof construction, floats, and is functional in extreme temperatures and climates.  It uses AA lithium batteries that have a standby of approximately 12 months. It is light and easy to transport.  SPOT also has coverage in hundreds or thousands of miles offshore.  There is a proven 99.4% reliability with the SPOT system.  They process over 6 million messages a month or approximately 2.3 messages per second.  The SPOT network uses a GPS satellite system to verify a user’s location.

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